Happy 1 Month Malcolm!!!

we made it!

we survived the first month!  some way, some how we got through it!
and without further adieu, just in the knick of time, he has a name:


1.  we were looking for something distinct but not strange, much like Moses.

2.  Related to Colm which is Irish for Dove
Since we have O'Brien to contend with as a last name, Irish names work well
(part of me still feels like I should have named Chloe something else because of this…)
Kevin really liked Colm and I was looking for a name that had a peaceful meaning

3.  the one Malcolm we know of is talented, easy going and good company, not an asshole, has been best friends for ages with my girl Lindsay and is dating the hottest babe in all of Vancouver who also happens to be super multi-talented and oozing awesomeness.  

Middle names were between 
Patrick, Grey and Lee

to help try to settle a name, we decided to play with some Numerology.  kevin's sister jen always supplies us with a book with thorough Numerology and Astrology readings for each child 

due to a sudden influx of negative energy around Grey, it was sadly cut out
 so today it was between Patrick and Lee


Both our Dad's names are Patrick


English and Chinese at the same time
we both had Lee on our list when naming Moses

We ended up going with both because added up with O'Brien on the Numerology Chart
it came up with the very lucky #27

This is a good number and is symbolized as "the Sceptre."  It is a promise of authority, power and command.  It indicates that reward will come from the productive intellect; that the creative faculties have sown good seeds that will reap a harvest.  Person with this "command" number at their back should carry out their own ideas and plans.  It is a fortunate number if it appears in any connection with future events.

i'll take all the luck i can get

i love this little guy so much.  i'm pretty heartbroken that he is already so much bigger after only one month.  i took him to the Health Unit this morning to weight and measure him: 10 lbs 13oz and 23.5" from 8 lbs 14oz and 21.5" at birth.  i keep wishing i was back at the hospital with a fresh little bun, away from the world, away from the monotonous hoop jumping that has made this time pass all too quickly.  

Nicole, i think i'm going to have to start paying you a monthly fee since i have had this chair of yours for probably two years now.  i am going to attempt to do the monthly growth comparison photos that Pinterest has told me I NEED TO DO.  plus, i missed out on doing it with our sweet plush anchor which is really just the coolest prop to do it with.  have this guy dressed in in monochrome and we are set!  i already have onesies for months 2-6!  

his face has changed so much.  it seems to change from day to day and in the last week, i've really noticed how much he has grown, slight addition of meat to his chicken legs, his less witchy fingers and just an overall sturdiness all around.  his cry is a bit louder and demanding and meaningful.  i feel like it has taken me three times to speak "baby" and be able to discern what he needs when crying.

i'm in love with him.  it's going to be a wonderful first year and a very sad one as i truly say farewell to the last time i get to enjoy a brand new baby.  i love falling asleep and waking up beside his darling face.  i love that he allows me to do this, that he requires no getting out of bed to rock or bounce him to sleep.  we are bed buddies.  he feeds and sleeps and feeds and sleeps…  

i will, however, mention that he has started barfing in the last couple of days.  i don't think it is a virus as he has no other symptoms of a cold or flu.  it's rather shocking, exactly like the projectile vomitting that moses used to do.  SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT all over the floor all day and all night.  despite what these photos show, he has also started going through the baby acne phase.  yes, i totally photoshopped his baby acne.  

so that was month number one.

and i still haven't done the salt dough feet moulds.
ARGH.  and i totally know his feet were so much tinier and daintier.

oh well.  i should go do that now.

i'm so happy he was so well behaved today and let me do all these photos.



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