Happy New Year 2015

slowly catching up here with photos from our first week home.

i can't tell you how frustrating it has been being so tired and out of my element with all the new adjusting while still wanting to document every second of everyday.  it's a challenge.  i finally got around to taking more "newborn" photos on monday and again today which will be posted a week from now if we keep on with this pace!

New Year's Eve.  i wanted to have a family photo for January 1 2015.  we would have to do a self timer but whatever, such is life, it's the way things are and it will be the way we will look back and remember this crazy time.

kevin took a few of me feeding Feather prior to getting everyone together

after much growling at the kids to get themselves together and behave, we finally piled into our cold bedroom in hopes of getting ONE good shot for 2015

where's Momo?

testing testing one two three...

* sweetness *

kevin sporting his Reno (Renault) Beard
he's going to be a full on lumberjack by the time the washroom is over!

we went with this one

5 days after Feather was born, i finally got around to start my Birth Story post well beyond midnight
kevin was so sweet as to bottle and cuddle up with Feather while i pounded out the first draft.  i did my best not to squeal and dance when i finally came into the room to sleep to find kevin with Feather all wrapped up in his arms.

mega barf


KLF & Milos graced us with yet another visit and extra hands.  they helped to pack up all our Christmas stuff, making our living room double in size.  we cleared the kitchen, making the walls accessible for TSP and painting now that our new blinds have been installed.  Milos put up a barrier between the living room and dining room for when kevin gets to cleaning the pile of chimney bricks still laid out on our floor, keeping the dust out of the eating area.  

AND they got to meet Feather!

and just for #TBT here is KLF with Baby Momo back when we lived in Marpole!

we had a fab dinner courtesy of Mrs Emily Hastie who whipped together a huge casserole dish of these amazing vegetarian enchiladas with a delish guacamole.  

my friends are definitely better than your friends… 

i can't wait to switch shoes with these guys
the wedding will be nothing short of perfect
babies will be made and birthed
dinner will be brought
drinks will be shared

i had taken Feather to the Health Unit the previous day and as i had expected, my milk was not coming in and therefor he was not getting enough which explained his lack of diapers or rather my lack of having to change any.  i immediately began popping domperidone and bought a can of formula.  after dinner, he had his first home poo which of course exploded out of his diaper.  this of course required a bath… his FIRST BATH!!!

as we still have no washroom, we filled his tub and bathed him in the middle of the living room in front of the warm cozy fireplace.  chloe was ecstatic and immediately jumped in to help bathe her baby brother for the first time.

i'm concerned that she is going to have full sleeves of ridiculous tats when she grows up
perhaps if i send her to Matt, i can trust he will steer her in the right direction...

he was really enjoying it for the first couple of minutes

and then not so much hahaha
awwww newborn cries are so little and cute!!!!!

LOL looking relieved and confused and a little embarassed
i love this guy so much

old man hair

Milos enjoyed taking turns playing games with Moses on his new Galaxy
that he was gifted for Christmas from my Auntie Ping

chloe is probably watching 
Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
on Netflix

meanwhile, at what was probably around 9-10pm, KLF helped kevin to TSP the chimney

like i said:

my friends are better than yours

blessed in a hundred thousand ways
thank you to everyone who has showered us with kindness and love, meals and goodies, babysitting and cleaning, gifts for the baby and mom essentials and everything in between

i can not thank you all enough for the outpour of your support

yay 2015!!!!



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