I wish that I could be like the cool kids...

i finally took down the studio light after about 2 weeks.  in between sweating my balls off playing both role of newborn mother and photographer for Feather, i did a short session with Moses and Chloe.

yeah… so compared to a newborn these guys are giants

the inevitable funny faces emerged


sweet little rock'n'roller

as wild as these guys are, i can't decide if Feather will give them a run for their money or if he will be the chill little wallflower…  

still need to edit all the newborn photos.  

need to get this name thing sorted.  i feel like we have decided but kevin wants to give me one more day to change my mind which is very kind of him considering it is one of his picks.  i can't promise that i would be so kind and generous, there is a high probability i would have filled out and sent the registration forms in as soon as he gave me the go ahead!  sigh.  i know this is dumb, but i'm mostly upset about this name thing because i busted my balls doing the announcement photo when Feather was 10 days old in hopes of having all the cards designed, ordered, received, and mailed out by the end of the month.  his 1 month photo will circulate before the announcements are even sent out.  GAHHHHH!!!!!

such is life.

life is good.

i'm so tired.

tired and happy.


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