Renos: Washroom Update

it's been a while since our last renos update.
these photos span from Christmas Eve to yesterday afternoon

first day of tiling the tub

end of second day

Nuheat floor heating laid down, thin set over top and this orange stuff next

tile layout and cutting
by now Feather was born and sleeping through the loud jarring sounds of kevin
cutting tiles with a giant table saw

all laid out and ready for grout


warm happy feet

grouting the bathtub walls

as of yesterday
walls and ceilings mudded and sanded 
mudded and sanded
mudded and sanded
primed with 2 layers of paint

tonight, the light above the tub has been installed!
toilet has been taken out of its box and is sitting in its spot waiting to be installed

this washroom is likely not to be ready until February
but kevin is doing an incredible job and i know once it is done i am going to love it
so much that it will have been worth all the wait

in the meantime, i have been lazier about taking the kids to shower at my inlaws.
i've sent kevin out with them after dinner or i just wash our hair in the ensuite sink
and give them a towel wash on days where we are both beyond pooped.

Feather continues to enjoy his luxurious baths by the fireplace


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