Salt Dough Moulds

i finally got around to making these Salt Dough Molds for Malcolm

thank you to Taryn for coming up with this project that we did 4 years ago when we decided it would be a totally reasonable undertaking to host a Toddler Art Class in Vancouver once a week.  Click on the link and you will see a very young and chubby Moses…  Chloe was only about 2-4 months old.  i really do not know what we were thinking Taryn!  Click HERE to go back in time 4 years and see all the Toddler Art Class Posts when Chloe looked like this:

and Moses looked like this

HOLY SMOKES!  Taryn, we did a really amazing job with these art classes!  I would totally enroll my kids into these classes again!!!  We did AWESOME AWESOME projects!!!!  DIGRESSION.

back to salt moulds

Malcolm slept and Chloe assisted me… eagerly

i have never stopped loving my heart-shaped measuring cups

this is what Mom Brain does.  i cut the recipe to make a much smaller batch as the original supplied dough for 15 children.  it took me a long time to realize that in cutting this recipe, i completely cut out the salt and water and just had FLOUR.  to make matters worse, because i didn't realize i had written flour 3 times, i completely screwed up what is probably the easiest recipe on the face of this earth.  i added 2.5-3 cups of water instead of flour, despite the recipe suddenly requiring nothing but flour.

i dumped out the extra cups of water and added more flour

chloe enjoyed kneading the dough

no cookies cutters large enough, we used some bowls

Hello Monkey!
Chloe snapped these photos while i pressed Malcolm's little hand into the dough
i did not photoshop his baby acne this time

ack!  his little smile as he tries to fight me


et Voila!

hee hee even got a little bit of his jimmy-jams cuff texture

mmmmm delicious delicious cheeks!

brought out my tiny stamps to label the moulds

hee hee TINY FOOT!
ended up just doing the stamps for Chloe and Moses' moulds
the sun had gone down substantially by the time Moses got home from school to do his

bake these on parchment paper at 300 degrees for 20-30 minutes

chloe made a really crazy abstract sculpture with the leftover dough that i will post another day.  i think i'm going to buy some cheap flour so that the kids can create more sculptures and even paint them once they are done baking!

and before i sign off for the night
Malcolm received a very soft little gift in the mail today!



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