sunday morning
the kids fed themselves cereal
kevin went to grab a few things from the hardware store
i finally put Feather to sleep after 2 hours
kevin and i made scrambled eggs and toast while the kids ran around outside in the mud

he has taken them to the school to fly their kite that Ada gifted them last week
when she came out to visit and meet Feather

Feather is sleeping and i am enjoying some peace and quiet
while getting more photos edited and posted

 just a few candid family shots from the last week

baby back ribs

my first love is getting so big

chloe is mommy #2

i have a feeling these two are going to have a fun relationship…
my brother and i are 3 years apart and had so much fun growing up together
the middle child is the best

kevin's diy hoodie swaddle

so nice to squeeze in a little family time/downtime in between renos

cry babies

big hands, little hands

baby bear

out of nowhere, chloe is a chopstick master

ashley + wren visited the other day and were so kind to bring a bunch of gluten free
goodies for us to share.  we let kevin have the majority...


we have managed to have two Friday nights in a row of Family Movie Night and i am hoping to keep this up as it has proved to be a very enjoyable and relaxing way to spend time together.  it's a great way to mark the end of a busy week and gives us all something special to look forward to.

passing out on the couch while still trying to agree on a name...


  1. Such a lovely family! I'm so glad I finally had the chance to meet (almost) all of you at Lindsay & Neil's Christmas party.

  2. Oh man, "baby back ribs" made me laugh so hard.


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