The First Days

It's funny how the first couple of hours following birth really fly.  It's a time of nothing.  It's a time of processing, coming down from a very spectacular high if you will.  I remember with Chloe having one of the nurses come by and tell me I needed to pee.  I told her I couldn't.  It was my first natural birth, I had felt everything for the first time and I was still in a state of shock.  She made me get up and go pee anyway.  This time around, as much as it felt like my vag was more mangled than ever, I was perfectly capable of getting up to pee after an hour or two.  I sat for about 5 minutes before my muscles could find themselves, but for the most part I was perfectly fine.

They moved us up to a teensy tiny room in the corner of Arbutus.  Not anywhere as fancy and sprawling as the Cedar room I had with Chloe, but this was my 3rd baby, I figured I didn't need a gigantic room.  As it turned out, we didn't get many visitors at all.  It was Boxing Day slash recovery day from Christmas, so I wasn't too surprised.  Plus, I guess maybe this is just Third child territory, HA!

My inlaws came by the next day and brought my camera along.  I don't know how on earth I didn't think to bring it along when packing for the hospital.  Anyway, took a few shots here and there.  I just wish I could clone myself to be able to take all the photos I want when I am laid up in bed tired and recovering.  Healing has been excellent this time around, I'm a lot more mobile than I was with Moses and Chloe, though my body is mostly still recovering from the last few months of pushing myself to get work done, assisting with lower-intensity renos, and all the holiday rush. 

 the feeling of holding these fresh babies never grows old
it is always so refreshingly new and magical and mind-blowing

cutie pie

cutie pie

and cutie pie

i love this snuggly little muffin

we stayed two nights.  the blood work people wouldn't be in until sunday morning so we enjoyed our time away from home in our tiny corner of the hospital.  admittedly, kevin did go off to pick up more tiles for the bathtub on one of his runs for food as the hospital food was really just… awful.

god, i wish i wasn't so tired so i could have taken more photos.
i have a feeling i'm going to have a constant stream of anxiety over not taking enough photos with this one.  i still have an entire Pinterest folder of maternity photos i attempted to do that never happened because apparently i need 500 photos of my naked pregnant body. 

putting on his very first outfit from auntie MC

we packed our things and made our way over to see another brand new baby...

one of my good friends from high school had just given birth to her second baby girl early that same morning and texted me, asking if we were still in the hospital!  oh the many many memories and shenanigans that were had with this crazy ass bitch over the past 17 years…  ouch!!!

she will probably name her baby before we do…


until he is named, we have been referring to him as Feather, Chloe's name suggestion based on the fact that he is sooo soooffftttt.  Feather has been enjoying nightly evening naps by the fireplace since we arrived home.  Our home is not the warmest but the living room gets pretty cozy with the fireplace going.  Managed to take a few quickies on our second night home of little Feather.

my boys and their wolfie newborn ears 

i've been understandably haggard but also feeling quite peaceful in spite of things.  i'm happy to be "sitting back" and relishing the pace of MOM and only MOM.  my new year's resolution is to really stand by this, to be a better Mom than the one i have been the last 2 years while getting The Pauhaus up on its feet.  my kids' manners have slumped and their tempers have escalated to be as hot and volatile as mine has become under the stress of being a working-from-home-stay-at-home-mom.  i've actually been able to read them stories this week more times than i have any other week over the past year.  i'm usually holding or feeding feather, so they have been turning the pages while i read.

thanks to kevin who has been such a great sport about taking photos for me

more updates to come
(yes I will change the banner soon)



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