Big Brother

i'm eager to see how the relationship between the boys develops as Malcolm grows into little guy.  i'm eager to see his eyes grow large and bright with wonder and adoration for his sweet older brother.  i'm eager to see Moses take his little brother under his wing and to watch as he guides him with patience and kindness.  Moses is such a sweet soul and Malcolm is such an easy going baby, i'm having a good feeling about their relationship.  

Moses has been very hands on as he had promised when I was still pregnant.  he claimed over and over that he would help to change the pee diapers and he has kept his word.  this is the 3rd or 4th time he has changed Malcolm's diaper.  the 2nd time he had changed Malcolm, he forgot to put the change mat beneath and Malcolm ended up peeing all over my duvet cover which i had just washed and put through the dryer twice.  i didn't get upset.  he told me right away what had happened.  i don't think he will make that same mistake again after seeing his little brother "spout" all over the place as he described the scenario.  he asked once again to change Malcolm's diaper this morning and he did it all by himself with loving patience.  

he even folded up the old diaper and carefully placed the dirty wipe on top

Malcolm already seems entertained by Chloe and enamoured with Moses.  his smiles are not just for me alone, his personal latte machine, but he smiles when the kids come around to play with him.  already, it seems like he recognizes them and what's more, feels comforted enough by them that i can ask them to play with him while i prepare a meal.  they are always happy to spend time with their little brother and the feelings seem to be mutual!

i haven't been to one of Moses' soccer practices or games in months.  the last time i attended, i totally lost my temper.  i was also extremely pregnant.  no excuse, but hormones are pretty intense mofos.  i took him to his last practice, just the two of us which was so refreshing.  i also took him to his game today instead of doing my usual saturday routine of taking chloe to dance and going into town with Emily and Eve for a donut and perusing the Thrift Shop.  it's all part of putting in more time and effort into this guy who has been put on the back burner for a while.  i think it's working… fingers crossed.

doing a silly dance for his little bro

i'm excited for life with these 3.  both kevin and i come from families of 2 sisters and a brother so having two boys with a girl in the middle is going to be a completely different dynamic than what we are both used to.  i'm excited for it.


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