Chinese New Year 2015

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I am doing my best to make peace with the fact that I can only do so much with the energy I have these days.  Every year I hope to make it out to the Lunar New Year festivities and every year I end up deciding not to hit up the malls.  Last year we miraculously made it out to Chinatown for the parade which was a wonderful day despite the cold.  I had hoped we would make it for a second year in a row and had the kids make a craft to bring to the parade.  As it turned out, I was on my own while Kevin was busy working on a car for extra cash and I just didn't have the energy to drive on my own with three kids downtown for 11am.  maybe next year!

We did, however, do our usual Dim Sum gathering with my Dad's side of the family!
my mom bought little outfits for the kids which was so thoughtful of her and made up for the fact that i had absolutely no time and no cashola to make it happen this year.  


chloe's Spidey senses tingled as Lucky Pockets emerged from my Gung Gung across the table, she darted over to his side

Malcolm received his lucky money

but didn't seem overly impressed

yes yes Moses needs a haircut really badly

Lola's Boy

me and my bro
god i am looking ragged as all hell...

this makes me so so happy

love my aunties

this guy needs to watch Kung Fu Hustle

my gweilo

it was really nice to stay home today.  the weeks are go go go, with a merciless drummer keeping me on what feels like a never-ending treadmill.  sundays are really my only day to rest with dance and soccer calling us to rise early on saturday mornings.  

god, i have so much to write about these days but no time and i know i am going to be mad at myself when i try to search through my blog a year, two years, three years from now to see how i was handling these first couple of months.  i'm feeling overwhelmed.  thank god we finally have our shower as that cuts one giant inconvenience out of our schedule.  i'm managing new baby and big kids schedule but its definitely rough and exhausting as all hell.  kudos to all you mamas out there that don't have a cooking husband because damn this is a lot of work taking over dinner time.  with the kids needing to be in bed early in order to wake up early for school, i need to be the one that has dinner ready by the time kevin gets home, no more waiting for him to come home to cook dinner (though i know he would be happy to if i really needed the help…).   UGH.  all i can say is thank god i have learned HOW to cook over the last couple of years otherwise we would all be suffering big time.  

more updates on Mom of Three life another day…  piles of laundry to put away, a kitchen table overflowing with craft stuff from this afternoon to tidy up, lunches to prepare, and grocery list for this weeks meal planning to write up and it's 11:54pm

sigh.  life is good.  though i feel like a heap of bones day in and day out, i know these days are the best days and i am going to miss them with these cutie pies are old and awkward and even worse, when they become wretched teenagers…



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