Creative Juice

it has become very apparent that my creative juices are released when under high pressure and tight deadlines.  i've had to create a few birthday cards in the last month or so and they have all turned out super awesome, usually 20 minutes before i need to blast through the door to whatever occasion prompted the card.  my dad always thought i would go into the card making business.  my mom made sure that i made a card for every relative on their birthday and cards for grandparents on mother or father's day.  even valentine's day and easter were sometimes thrown into the mix.  i have passed down this tradition down to my kids and i love it.  it allows me to be creative as well and in a variety of mediums that i otherwise do not exercise as much as i would like.

i set out to make a card with them for my nephew's First birthday but ended up going totally crazy and making a card entirely on my own.  at first i felt bad, but the kids took cues from me and began madly creating their own cards.  we took turns with the scissors and glue and laughed as we went along creating.  

ugh, if only i had been less selfish and documented Momo's creation, it was so very very much better than mine in terms of originality and creativity.  inspired by my creation, he went onto create a tiger himself which looked like a total Rock'n'Roll feline with giant black sunglasses.  he did an amazing job and i can't even show it to you UGH!!!!

as super stoked and proud of myself for this very detailed, very labour-intensive card, it was directly inspired by one of our favourite books:

i've been doing much less photo and trying to tap into other areas of creativity these days.  i'm really really wanting to do some painting, printmaking and more illustrations.  once i fill up my $600 debt, i am going to buy some beautiful pastels and a giant pad of pastel/watercolour paper.

i love doing arts and crafts with the kids.  the mess is an atrocity every time but the things we end up making and the time spent together is well worth the clean up… every time.


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