Malcolm: 2 Months!

my giant baby is 2 months

this guy is the happiest little dude, smiling 75% of the time

my heart gushes in the morning when i wake up beside him and he smiles and coos at me.  this entire last month has been nothing but smiles.  he also has a funny habit of laughing but ONLY in his sleep!  he will be completely asleep and every now and again he'll start chuckling to himself, sometimes a few times in a row.  i really need to try to get it on video.

compared to last month, he is more sturdy and more stable and filling out his limbs

his 2 month check up and immunizations went well.  he cried when he got his shots but they didn't last long as i immediately fed him, he half sobbed until placated by the comfort of the giant tit.  as with Momo, this guy is at the 99 percentile for his height, average weight and giant head.

Jan 06 - Weight 8 lbs 8 oz        Height 57cm     Head 36.5cm
Jan 26 - Weight 10 lbs 13 oz    Height 60cm     Head 38cm
Feb 25 - Weight 13 lbs 2 oz     Height 63cm     Head 40.2cm

LOL this did not work out and he as you can see by the expression on his face
he is well aware of the situation and my epic fail

a few sans anchor


his neck is pretty damn strong these days, owning tummy time

it's harder to get a bad shot of this guy than it is to get a good shot
i have a buttload of cutie patootie happy shots like these from today

chloe, of course had to get in on the action with her have lil man

this will be my go-to for the next while when i need a good laugh
works like a charm!

such a fun little shoot to celebrate another wonderful month.



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