Renos: Washroom Sink

if pregnancy has taught me anything, it is that 

there is a light at the end of the tunnel

and this is what a chant inside as i impatiently await the completion of this washroom.  everything is 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  i have learned that there is no simple listing of the tasks to be done because although a list can consist of 3 tasks, each task will have its own set of problems that will require about 2 weeks to resolve.  

the tile had been complete.  the only thing left was to install the hardware!  

the hardware we had on hand for weeks was finally inspected and thought to have a small crack that might have caused problems.  the hardware was discounted because it was a floor model and to purchase a new one would be more money added to the long list of debts we are accumulating.  we didn't want to shell out more money, but there was the potential of this crack causing future issues which would require money AND TIME, so after a week or so if trying to decide what route to take, we returned it and ordered another one at extra cost.  the company did not send us a tracking number and kevin didn't make it a point to demand one.  it arrived only a few days later at Point Roberts but kevin waited 2 weeks to inquire and find out it had been sitting at TSB Shipping.  frustration with both parties.   

at this point, Malcolm was born but unnamed and therefor without a birth certificate and/or passport.  it was my job to try to get through the border to pick it up with an unregistered infant.  on top of offering both our hospital bracelets, his "I'M A BOY" hospital card, and my hospital ID card, i had to explain to the baffled border guard why my child did not yet have a name.  he was kind and they gave me a one time slip to go pick up the hardware.

just when i thought it was finally time to install the hardware.  kevin tells me that the grout is messed up and that there are cracks in certain areas.  he tells me that he has to regrout the walls.  he tells me this at 10pm after arriving home from taking showers at his parents house.  you can't imagine the 5 headed monster that tried to overtake my body.  i literally looked like an exorcism was taking place.  in my internal raging spasm, i requested that i have some space.

after an entire month of being pregnant and taking the kids to my inlaws to shower, followed by another month of having a newborn and walking three kids to my inlaws to shower since three carseats DO NOT FIT IN OUR JETTA THEREFOR NOT PERMITTING ME TO DRIVE US THERE, i was not prepared for this piece of news.  however, i also was aware that in trying to save us the financial burden of hiring a professional, kevin has been doing his best and in my frustration also realized that he probably was not thrilled about having to regrout.  i did my best to regroup my emotions and tell myself: 


all i can do is concentrate on a vision of me soaking in a hot bubble bath with candles and bubbles and some champagne…  and a house devoid of children. 

as seen above, he did not have to regrout the entire tub.  after some consulting, he had to cut just the sections of grout that had cracks.  he has regrouted them since although i'm not sure if he has sealed them yet.

in the meantime, the toilet has been hooked up
and he has been consumed with designing the sink

because we are freaks of nature, i am allowing him to do this instead of plopping down a readymade cabinet from IKEA.  these are a collection of kevin's drawings.  

royal flush!

the tape is showing the true height of the sink.  the toilet box was the closest thing to giving an idea of the height and the space to be occupied.

couldn't decide whether to extend the counter on the right side to keep the sink centred and to have the same space between the counter and toilet as the space between the toilet and bathtub.  we threw a dirty diaper garbage and toilet scrub beside it to see how it changed the space and we decided we would not extend the counter in hopes of making the room feel as spacious as possible.

he built the supporting frame during his lunch break
this will hold the slab of wood on which the sink will sit

a piece of wood to give an idea of the thickness
pipe will be expose below (and not hanging on a slant lol)

my feelings exactly, Chloe


  1. The photo of Chloe seriously made me laugh OUT LOUD. You are doing beyond great. I can't even believe you are renovating the bathroom with a newborn on board. My hat is off to you.

  2. Thanks Gaile!!! Sadly the glasses have been destroyed since, need to grab another pair!


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