Three fish in a tree

currently enjoying a smidgen of alone time.
just a few photos from this week

chloe cut her hair a few weeks ago

to be exact, the day before New Year's Eve aka the day i wanted to take those family photos of us in bed to ring in 2015.  ok so that was more like a month ago...  she cut the sides up to her chin but luckily, it wasn't completely noticeable.  there is a small chunk at the top of her head that is about and inch short, but again, unless you are looking, you can't find it.  i made an appointment with Jade to fade it in with more layers so it will at least grow out nicely.

she looks upset but she just has bitchy resting face syndrome
she is actually super stoked and just being well-behaved

why so serious?

Jade gave her a beautiful Elsa braid upon request


my sister sent a Valentine's package in the mail for us 
which included a new Sleeping Beauty ensemble

Malcolm grew a beard

my little helper

she is in love with him

then there's this handsome devil
new top from auntie

and a few adorable shots of Malco with his bunny bun

he's a smiler

tickly whiskers!

that beard's gotta go…

sigh.  holy moly it's february.


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