3 Months

the day finally came.  he's reached the end of those first 3 months *sob sob*  time to move onto the next 3 months of clothing and look forward to big boy things like rolling, sitting and eating!  

je t'aime
my little chubster

his thighs are filling out, i really should have documented that here.  i love how his body is plumping up, getting all juicy-like so that i can eat him up all the more.  he seems to enjoy it as he has started to laugh more and more just in the past week.  his toothless grins now have a mousy squeak to them as he wiggles against my face buried in his little belly or yummy little thighs.

 i have been unbelievably blessed with such handsome little boys

and of course, the monthly anchor-in-chair photos


1.  hair pulling: i had forgotten how early this starts!  the best part of this stage is when chloe goes in for her Malcolm smotherings and he ends up pulling her hair.  she loves him so much that she doesn't freak out about it or get upset with him, she carefully grabs hold of the chunk with one hand and releases his tight gripped fist with her other hand… then goes right back to her over-the-top I LOVE YOUS and her hugs and kisses that are a little too intense for such a tiny guy.  surprisingly, it doesn't seem to bother him.  as a matter of fact, he actually seems to enjoy her craziness.

2. circle of neglect:  we received a hand-me-down Exersaucer from an old classmate of Moses' when he was at Bois-Jolie.  we started putting Malcolm in it over the last few weeks just to give him a change of scenery.  mostly he hung half keeled-over while the kids batted noisily at all the toys.  it was just yesterday or the day before when he finally started to grab one of the toys.  i am hoping with all my heart that he doesn't start hating it like the other two who would cry immediately upon being lowered into it.  

3.  drool:  can't remember if this signifies getting teeth.  i have no recollection of when they are supposed to start getting them.

4.  sleep: he did his first 9 hour sleep a week or two ago and has done a few more since then.  he definitely wakes up less during the night overall.  i had a ball over Spring Break with this guy.  while Moses and Chloe got up, played and fed themselves, i would sleep in with Malcolm until he woke and started kicking around or squawking then i would spend at least 45 minutes cuddling him and playing with him in the cozy warm blankets.  now that the mornings are brighter in my room, i can really enjoy watching him wake up if i am up before him.  my favourite part is after a few sleepy flutters when he finally opens his eyes, looks around and gives me a giant grin when he sees me.  I HATE SCHOOL FOR RUINING THESE MORNINGS!

he is sleeping less throughout the day which is a little more frustrating but i am rolling with it.  i'm sure it will be a little easier once he gets more mobile…  he has definitely been more grumpy the last couple of days, more needy, less content to be in his rocking chair or the exersaucer and requiring someone to hold him close.  

5.  talk:  he is a super chatty little guy.  so many fantastic sounds that melt my heart, god i love their little expressive voices at this time!


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