A Quilt for Malcolm

Spring Break is off to a good start!  i can't decide if it is a bad thing that i don't have a scheduled wake-up time anymore because although i enjoy sleeping in it definitely throws off the entire day.  Malcolm will maybe feed around 6-7am and then sleep for 3 hours or so which of course means i am also passed out until 10am.  breakfast is now bumper to bumper with lunch unless lunch is at 2pm…  and this is all good except the grown up in me knows that reverting back to school schedule is going to be Daylight Savings Part II.

i am a poaching eggspert
i personally prefer a slightly gooey egg but the kids like them 30 seconds longer

our lovely friend Tera has travelled down from her new home in Prince Rupert to visit family and friends back in the lower mainland and graced us with her bubbly presence and growing belly bump yesterday afternoon.  she met Malcolm and gifted him with a beautifully sewn quilt!  

love the less traditional triangular stitching
god i wish i didn't suck so hard at sewing

love this hand me down onesie from the Stone boys

handsome handsome handsome

...and totally done with photos

i don't know where you crazy girls (i'm talking to you too Bronweiner…) get off with your creativity and hours of labour, but your works are incredible and i am dumbfounded that you would ever spend that kind of time on me and my family.  THANK YOU.


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