Arts'n'Crafts: A Very Hungry Caterpillar

i'm doing my best to do at least one art + craft project per week with the kids
it allows us to be creative and to have some quality time together
it is also very therapeutic for myself...

this is a project we did way way back during the Toddler Art Class that Taryn and I hosted back when Chloe was Malcolm's age and Moses was just under 2!  we turned egg cartons into caterpillars!  i do my best to do projects using recyclable materials because it hurts my heart and face to create any more garbage than we already do week to week from just living.

in addition to being creative, their minds are also focusing in a peaceful way
it is good for the soul

death stare into the camera

the original project called for pipe cleaner antennae but i managed salvage an extra strip from the carton this time around and even added cute little curlies!

fine motor skills hard at work

she did have a dress on, but using acrylics is dangerous business


she took a mini break to do some handstamping

add the goggly eyes and BOOM you got yourself a caterpillar!

your perfect little arts + craft project
quick and easy and just in time for Spring!


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