Chim Chim Charoo

behold the progress of the chinney

the walls look pretty white in this photo

once everything was taken down you can see how badly stained the walls actually are from the 20+ years of hermit smoker couple

we removed the drywall and mantle to reveal the full brick
removing the wood trim also revealed once more the smoker stained walls

painting the walls reveals how NON white the chimney is
loose bricks from the top are removed and live on our floor for 4 months

Dec 12
gas fireplace installed
see pile of bricks to the right to the right

New Year's!
KLF and Milos visit and the chimney gets TSP'd

with the shower finally done, Kevin immediately moved onto the fireplace
mixing mortar and laying a couple layers each night 




first layer of paint

March 1
he ran out of paint just as he was getting to the top
everything but the triangle is painted!

et voila!

kevin had been swapping back and forth between the chimney and the washroom sink.  with the chimney done and the sink next in line, it will be onto painting the kitchen!  we're getting shooed out of my inlaws enclosed patio where we have been storing our excess of goods and furniture since we had to clear out the condo for showings, so this week has seen the house cluttered with boxes of things to go through, purge and find a home for.  i love this little house, but god i wish it had ONE MORE room.  i don't know how we are going to transform this office stuffed with my work into a bedroom.  where is all this stuff going to go!  hoping to tackle the mudroom come late spring/early summer.  


i am so tired.  like so tired i feel like shaking and crying.  
and i'm sick.  this is my first cold since my first couple of months of pregnancy where i was having that hacking cough that kept killing my ribs.  Malc's got it too, his poor tiny nose is all runny and filled with baby boogers.  it seems on its way out with him, not sure exactly it is at with me though as i prepare to do a whole day of set up tomorrow for Project Bloom taking place Friday…

deep breath.


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