Happy St Paddy's Day 2015!

Oh the many St Patrick's Day photos over the years…






and last but not least...

a very sweet 2015 with this chubby little sweetheart to complete the bunch

i wish i had brought my camera with me today but the thought of having to sit here and edit and post often drives me away.  it's too much expectation of myself, too much pressure and too much extra weight to carry around.  of course, now, as much as my shoulders are killing me, i wish i had brought it with me because we went to Centennial with Devin and Eve for a play.  today is his birthday and Em brought fries and chocolate treats for everyone.  it was a gorgeous day!  it was supposed to rain and it was overcast and sunny, not too cold and not too hot.  

i completely forgot that the Mall is hosting kids' activities for the two week duration of Spring Break, so we made a pitstop on the way home to check out what they had going on.  a few fun crafts including these hilarious leprechaun masks!  it was a great way to knock off an extra hour of driving me batshit at home.  i was really looking forward to Spring Break to get a break from making lunches and snacks and waking up early to juggle everyone.  i definitely appreciate not having to wake up, but by 11am yesterday morning of the first day of Spring Break, i already was in a panic to get the hell out of the house!  hopefully the weather man is wrong and all the predicted rain for this week turns into sun so we can go out to parks with friends!

whew.  that was pretty crazy going through 5 years of blog photos to find all these St Paddy's Day photos!  i definitely have enough to create many many TBT or FBF posts here!  it breaks my heart to have ZERO memories of chloe's life but melts me all the same when i do see all the photos of our life over the last 5 years!  make me so grateful for committing to the blog.  also, DAMN did i look good!  i am a far cry from those days…  now for the long climb back up to getting my body back. 

Happy Spring Break!!!



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