I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiikkkkeeee...

Kevin finally reattached Chloe's pedals to her bike on Sunday
and the very next day, March 30 2015, she was officially pedalling a two-wheeler!

she had managed to do this in about 10 minutes just before we had to go pick up Moses from school.  i pushed her for the first few minutes while she got used to pedalling again.  then i started to just run an hold her armpits while she pedalled until she had her balance and then i let go!  she got it after 2-3 tries and then managed to do it completely on her own using nothing but the incline of our driveway to help give her momentum.  of course, i was unprepared with a camera and by the time we got back home from picking up Moses she had had enough.

we went out for a family walk after dinner to my inlaws.  i have been wanting to transfer the herbs we planted in their yard to back to our new home where we finally get enough light to grow plants!  god, it felt good to get out for a stroll.  the weather was mild and the sun has been hanging out til about 8pm these days.  

kevin has been working out in the yard every dry day when he gets home from work, before and after dinner.  he has been chopping through the forest of crap that has taken over the yard for the past 25 years.  we had an arborist come check out all our trees and then had a company come by on St Patrick's Day to come limb a bunch of our large trees and to take out a few "smaller" ones.  it has opened up our yard so much, allowing tonnes more light to pour into the yard.  

i have been rejoicing over the last week over the fact that we have not one but TWO magnolia trees among the many neglected giant trees!  one white on in the backyard and another fuchsia one in the front by the driveway. 

he even took a little time to build a quick little shanty house for the kids out of the materials he has ripped out from the garage and the mudroom!  the roof shown here is a skylight that was never used, left behind by the previous owners.

and he nailed these branches to the side lol

the kids are so stoked

our fuchsia magnolias fighting to be seen among more neglected green crap
i can not tell you how excited i was when they started blooming
i literally startred freaking out from the kitchen window

i hope kevin can get to these green bushes before all the blooms are gone

and without further adieu
Chloe riding her two wheeler Hello Kitty bike!
hoping to take a few photos this week for her to put in her little photo album
she is so damn proud of herself!  almost as proud as her mama!

looking forward to summer bike rides!!!!


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