Keeping It Real

a few sillies of the young ones and i

life is good and i am trying to catch up.  everything is great.  i don't mean that in a "i am on the internet and i am going to pretend that everything is ok by giving everyone a false sense of what my life is really like", but more that life is great because that is the perspective i choose to have.  we are healthy, therefor we are great.  we have a warm place to eat, sleep, work and relax.  we have hot water for washing dishes and bodies, whenever we need or whenever we please.  we have more clothes than we have spaces to organize them.  we have an excess of things that i choose to recognize as opposed to complaining and lamenting about things that we may not have.

in light of my positive outlook and gratefulness for all the things we have, the broken sleep is catching up with me and causing me to feel dazed and a little out of sorts.  i'm tired.  i'm also bad at organizing.  the mess is always at least 3 steps ahead of me.  i feel defeated a lot of the time.  sometimes i feel like i am lazy, and i probably i am, but i am without a doubt most certainly legitimately tired as hell.

we are coasting, i would say.  coasting through life with three, just trying to get through each day, one day at a time.  the weeks are flying.  every time i make a mental note to have kevin pick up certain Sale items from the grocery store, it ends up being a week later and the Sales have changed.  this happens to me constantly.  it's not the item going amiss that bothers me as much as it is how scary fast the time goes.

sigh.  these are the days, the sweetest days we'll know.


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