Mushroom Stout Pie

Meal Planning is still ongoing and I couldn't me more proud and more shocked with myself for it!  The reminder of the torture and anxiety of trying to plan meals on the go is just more than I can bear so every weekend I start berating Kevin to help me figure out what to eat for the next week.  I could do it alone, but it is helpful to have input from others, especially if you don't want complaints after sweating over a hot stove and 10 hours after juggling 3 kids…  If only I could implement this same panic-driven commitment to CLEANING!!!!!

As I had expected, I began getting bored and uninspired by the 12-16 recipes I had started off with after two rounds.  I have begun searching for new recipes over the weekends to try out, including this vegetarian goodie from Canadian food blogger Laura from Ontario.  I basically bounce back and forth between her blog and Texan Jeanine at  They are both vegetarian/vegan food bloggers with gorgeous food photography and I have found their recipes to be both delicious and consistent.  they both require a little more effort but the end results are always worth the time and muscle...

Take this Mushroom Stout Pie recipe for example

It took me about an hour and a half to put together but that isn't bad considering it is all made from scratch, bakes in the oven for 35 minutes and has so many delicious layers of flavour!  As stressful as it can be with a baby in tow, I do really enjoy the challenge of new recipes and continuing to learn a variety of cooking methods and understand how opposing flavours work together.

I've been so obsessed with mushrooms.  Since my pregnancy and it continues on.  This recipe seemed a little intimidating at first but having completed it and tasting the thick saucy medley of mushrooms (cremini, portabello and shiitake), I can definitely see myself making it again.  I didn't make it with the stout, it was suggested that you could substitute the stout with wine and veggie stock so I went with the latter since I already had them on hand.  

The recipe called for small yams which I did not specify on my shopping list for kevin.  They were supposed to be tiny round slices laid out in a  pretty concentric circle pattern but since Kevin picked up regular yams, I had to make do.  My bad.

 I was worried that the yams wouldn't cook through if I put too many layers but they cooked marvellously well and tasted so incredible with the thick salty mushrooms below that I will definitely not be afraid to put on a few more layers next time around!

As a matter of fact, the yams sunk into the mushrooms as they bubbled in the oven so not only were they being cooked on top, they were being cooked from below as well.  That might be a straightforward and obvious thing, but I have had problems baking yams in the passed so I was nervous!  Also, I really really really have to transfer our herbs that we planted at my in-laws' into the pots my mom brought me so I don't have to keep driving over.  It's a 2 minute drive but a pain in the ass having to pile 2 butts and a baby for something so small.

a fantastic recipe!

Kevin and Chloe loved them.  the recipe made 6 ramekins, with Kevin and I having two each.  Chloe finished hers and managed to sucker her dad into sharing his second one with her.  Moses was a little more picky, but he just doesn't share the same palate as us 3 piggies.  Which of course makes me wonder what little Malc is going to be like…  Admittedly, I can't wait to start introducing food into his diet.  I can't wait for when he is a bit older and Moses and Chloe are in school and I can go on little lunch dates with him.  



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