Pirates at Bay (Boundary Bay)

we celebrated my niece's 5th birthday this weekend
it was a good ol' PIRATE themed party at Centennial.. rain or shine

she's got the scurvy growl down pat

i started dressing the kids when we were supposed to have arrived.  typical.
they looked pretty awesome considering it was a 5 minutes mash of stuff

as usual, my super creative SIL's went all out with the planning.  there was a craft table with eye patches, DIY pirate hats and parrots with clothespins to attach to your shirt or jacket

there was a buried treasure area sectioned off where gold coins were scattered

kevin's aunt has a hot dog stand she has been running locally complete with 2 dozen different hot dog toppings.  i'm thinking i may hire her for Momo's birthday so kevin and i don't have to worry about food and people can try a multitude of sauces.  my favourite was a mayo-teriyaki-sriracha combo…  all it needed was some bonito flakes and shredded seaweed to create my very own JAPADOG!

Walking the Plank and Fishing for Treasure

the face of determination

balloon swords.   totally the best idea.

can you spot the Malcolm?

more swashbuckling sword fighting (does that make sense?)

super delicious chocolate cupcakes
all beautifully creamed and piped with skull'n'crossbones and anchors

happiest .  girl .  ever


finding some solace after all the swashbuckling

cute little nest with duck food made by some random 10 year old girls
(i totally remember doing weird things like that…)

always glad when i do manage to bring my camera along
always easier when Kevin is around to carry the babe


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