Shave and a Haircut

so on top of my daily anxiety over Momo's up and down behaviour at school, i've also received some nudging from a bunch of people, including his teacher, on getting his hair trimmed.  i didn't want to.  he has told me over and over that he wants to grow it down to his chin before cutting it.  i wanted to let him, i didn't want to tell him that he couldn't just because he was a boy.  i didn't want to tell him it wouldn't look nice because it would… that is if i had the time in the morning to style it.  his hair is so thick and wavy that it is often quite unruly and gets in his face.  my defence to this, of course, is that nobody would say anything if he were a girl.  kevin told me that if he wanted long hair he would have to be responsible for it and take care of it.  we suggested that he could put a clip or tie it back or put a headband but he doesn't like clips and hair ties.  i ended up putting him in a bandana yesterday which was cute but it wasn't staying very well.  so, against my sad heart, i booked an appointment with Jade.  

Soleil and Nova had not yet met Malcolm and they were over heels in love!  it was so unexpected and so adorable!  they were all over him the entire time, treating him like a little prince.  

Nova, especially was killing me as she squealed repeatedly
"the baby is sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuttee!!!!!!!"

hahahaha in love

Soleil made him a little bed and was reading him books


meanwhile, the shears were out on my handsome little Cry Baby doppleganger.  maybe i should have him grow it out like this again with his giant wave-curl and the teardrop tattoo to go with for Halloween… oh my god that would be too amazing.  perhaps i'll go as Hatchetface LOL

and just like that: my mini Heartthrob goes from 5 to 18
i don't know how on earth we got so lucky with this guy's looks

little more serious here but the lighting is so pretty

to the left 
to the left
everything you own
in a box to the left

i hope he is not interested in dating until he is in his 20's…
or will that make him kind of weird and undateable?
i'm going to crush his shitty girlfriends

i am so jealous of his skin.
i feel so bad for chloe because i think she got my skin and because she has allergies and asthma like me, i feel like she is going to have the same horrific acne that i had as a teenager.  cringe.

can someone please hire him as a model so he can put himself through university?

apologies for the excessive lushing


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