Skate + Ride

so Kevin forgot to inform me that Moses learned how to ride his bike on the weekend

Monday was rough, being the first day back to school after Daylight Savings.  this made up for it big time.  i was making dinner with Malcolm strapped to me while the kids were out on their bikes and skateboard out front.  it was a beautiful day, and probably the first day in the last three months that i truly felt like this was our home.  i felt like a "real mom" now that i had a yard and a kitchen window that looked out the front of our home where i could watch my kids play until dinner time.  it has felt strange and and surreal but lovely to have them ask if they can play outside.  i can actually let them play outside!  i peeked out to see Chloe on the skateboard.  they thought i was going to get mad and ask them to come inside, i could see the look on their faces.  i told them i would be out in a few minutes to come and watch them at which point Moses began talking 100kms a minute about how he couldn't really just ride his bike in the driveway and that he needed to ride on the road.  he said he was on his big bike and that he knew how to ride it, that he had done it 18 times with Kevin over the weekend!  i was shocked and excited as just last week he was still pushing himself around on his McQueen bike that he has had since he was 3.  

i finished up in the kitchen, getting dinner ready for simmering and headed out with my camera.

sure enough, he was riding his custom bike all on his own, back and forth down the street and around the cul de sac.  i had shivers going down my spine thinking how it was just like at home where my brother and i would ride up and down the street and circle the cul de sac in front of our home until we were called in for dinner.  

i can't even express how happy and proud i am that he learned so fast!  as with the the other thousand things on the TO DO list, getting Moses to learn to ride his bike was right up there.  for the past month i keep meaning to bring their bikes back to my inlaws on Sunday dinner night to have kevin put their pedals back on their bikes since they seemed to be comfortable balancing.  

and then there was my chloe, owning the skateboard
check out that stance!

ok ok ok i know there are 3 year olds that can kill it, but i just had no idea she was able to do this and i am feeling pretty darn stoked, especially since i was having a not very good day recovering from daylight savings

also, please don't mind our Surrey-esque look that's happening in the background.  kevin had just ripped out the entire garage the day before to open it up to fit 2 cars instead of 1.

and those pylons actually belong to the city and were placed around the water shutoffs off to the side.  love how the kids appropriated them for their own needs!

so proud of herself
time to take a trip to the skatepark over spring break!

i'm excited to see if she will be able to ride her bike, god willing i remember to get kevin to put her pedals back on her bike.  at this rate, we will be able to go for bike rides this summer!!!

for those of you who have nothing better to do, i got it on video!


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