Spring Break

printing this photo STAT


Spring Break for Moses has been a large undertaking.  over the past year he has accumulated probably 80% of the Lego CITY collection including: space centre with rocket ship, lego train and most recently a lego train station, a 3 story police station, firetruck, logging truck, camping van, garbage truck, helicopter, and a bunch of different cars and motorcycles.  I decided that having him rebuild every single set would keep him busy for the two weeks he has off.  we started by organizing all 5 trillion pieces by colour...


he started off with his firetruck

he organized a llllllll the lego people onto the train station ramp which looked so amazing and hilarious

because kevin is a giant Simpsons nerd who plays Tapped Out in the washroom, we also have a bunch of Simpsons lego characters

oh yes and we have Batman and somewhere there should be an Ironman...

on days where we get out to parks and the kids get a lot of exercise, they return home for a toasty warm bath and a movie on the couch.  for the first time ever, Moses kept Malcolm warm and comfortable so that he could fall asleep while i cleaned and made dinner.  

i've really been enjoying Spring Break.  i'm sad that Moses has to go back to school full time again.  it has made me consider home schooling.  he is so bright and enthusiastic about learning that i feel he would fare well with unschooling.  he is so curious about everything and asks such great questions that he would direct much of the subject matter.  he loves math.  he loves science.  he loves checking out his giant MAPS book that covers all the countries and tells you their history, foods, exports, traditions etc.  he loves doing arts and crafts.  he is so good with his reading and writing...  really, it would be so easy to homeschool him.  sigh, i don't know.  being a parent is so damn hard, you never know what decision to make or which decision will be the best.  i've been enjoying this time with him so much, i really don't want him to go back. 


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