Yellow Bandana

kids stuff has come quite a long loooonnngggggg way in the last 5-6 years since i had moses.  the styles have changed and parents, more than ever before, are fervently buying up the latest clothing trends to gloat all over Instagram.  i get it.  kids lookin' like mini-me's or twinning can be fun and make you feel like your kid is the shit.  fun on occasion but on a day to day basis, it makes me feel like throwing up in my mouth a little.  i love dressing my kids up, don't get me wrong, but by no means do i ever feel the need to have them fully catwalk-ready at any given moment.  kids are still kids and should be able to not care about what they are wearing beyond the simple joys of creating outfits from their imagination.  and honestly, it's just too much effort!  if you have that much time in your life, especially with 2+ kids, then you need to take a good look at your priorities.  

anyway.  nothing bursting with ultra trendiness here, but having had to break out these little bandana bibs from my sister made me feel nostalgic to the early days with a very drooly baby Moses.  we used actual adult bandanas back then as a stylish way to keep the drool at bay.  the trend certainly caught on and from there it seemed like an explosion of kids stuff being pumped out of every orifice at full force.  these are a significantly better fit on a fabric that is triple the times more absorbent and of course, no need for tying and untying knots with the easy velcro strips!  the denim jacket is a hand me down, the nautical onesie beneath is a hand me down and i picked up these cozy black sweats from Tarjay the other week.

i love these Padraig moccasins.  

we were gifted these lovely woolies from my girlfriend Tanis at my baby shower for Moses.  by some miracle, i have managed to not lose one or both and now all three of the kids have had the chance to enjoy them… scratch that, i have been able to enjoy them ON the kids!  ha!

he is so sweet and even tempered.  

i love how much each child differs in personality from the next.  i love being able to enjoy their different energies and share quality time getting to know them as people.  i have been really happy having Moses home for Spring Break.  it's definitely a test for my patience, but i feel like i am understanding him more, connecting more with him.  i have more opportunities to observe his behaviour and reactions and emotions.

i spend so much time brushing my nose and lips against the top of this soft grassy knoll

and just for fun, trying on Momo's leprechaun mask

my happy little Malc
sigh.  he is going to be 3 months in a couple of days.

i'm a lucky little mama


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