A Hunting We Will Go...

I am completely Eastered the eff out

the kids have had a total of 5 Easter Egg hunts since Thursday.  Chloe had one with her pre-school on Wednesday, another one with Franc Départ on Thursday, Moses had one on Saturday morning, and today they 3!  The first one of today was an invitation extended to us by one of our neighbours in the cul de sac who just happens to have bought the house that my friend Jess (who is the mom of one of Moses' classmates…) used to live in 13 years ago.  They have been doing this Easter Egg hunt for years now, the only catch being the Dads head out at 5-6am to hide them for their kids who usually start hunting at 7:30am.  I told them we would love to join, but only if we were already awake.  Lucky for the kids, I happened to wake up at 6:50am.  I could have gone back to sleep but I thought this would be a great way to chat with the neighbours as well as let the kids start building some awesome memories of their new home.

the Dads kindly placed two eggs right at our entrance

i went out on my own to snap a few quickies of the eggs before the hunt began

i love how much effort they put into hanging a bunch of them!

off they went...

Moses, always sharing and always helpful

i can't tell you how jealous i was that these guys had coffees
i'm too afraid to start having coffee at home because i will be so hardcore addicted

my monkey

of course Moses would do this
his 18 eggs arranged to make the number 18

i don't know who is going to do this next year…
i don't think kevin nor i will be able to be up at the crack off dawn to do this
kevin's eye bags are at a new record weight!

needless to say, being up that early made for a very long day indeed.  kevin made us a delish breakfast of poached eggs, bacon and pancakes.  i had 5 cups of tea before noon.  

i half-ass decorated the kids' bikes and shoved them into the trunk, heading into Ladner for their kiddie bike parade from the Museum to Memorial Park.  i tried to take photos but it was a shitshow, i was wearing Malcolm in the carrier and constantly trying to keep an eye on both kids in the giant crowd of families with kids on bikes.  i lost Chloe for about 15 minutes and had a heart attack.  she appeared out of nowhere, rejoining Emily and Eve…  once at Memorial, the kids went on another Egg Hunt where they were able to find ONE egg and exchange it at a table for a tiny bag of candy eggs.

i didn't stick around to let the kids play.  i was exhausted, having already been up for 6 hours and needed to stuff some lunch and more caffeine into my body.  we left out friends and headed home where i dumped the kids on kevin to quietly make myself a sandwich and eat it in peace before having to make them sandwiches and throw a boob into Malcolm's mouth.

our last Egg Hunt was thankfully just a hunt for a single bag of goodies, just a small handful.  we headed over to my in-laws for Easter dinner and we all searched for our own little bag with our name labeled on the package.  I am so very very grateful that we have one night a week where we don't have to worry about dinner, where the kids can play with their cousins and spend time with their grandparents.  I also left with a bag of new hand-made soaps from my mother-in-law which i am going to photograph tomorrow.  they are so beautiful and the range of scents are amazing, everything from rich chocolatey scents to refreshing mints and deep bergamots.  as if my 10 minute showers to myself aren't already heavenly enough, having these soaps makes that small window of personal time all the more enjoyable.

what a lovely lovely weekend it has been.
so relieved the kids have one more day off tomorrow for recovery.

Happy Easter everyone!


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