Breakfast Nook

i took things into my own hands yesterday.  i've been wanting to create a little breakfast nook in this little corner of the kitchen since we first bought the house.  over the past 3 months it has served as the "reno materials" table with piles of our recycling on one side on the floor and a pile of giveaways on the other.  over the past month the reno materials were finally removed, the recycling relocated and i shoved the most recent pile of thrift shop drop offs into the trunk.  with only the table left (sporting the same ugly black granite tabletop as the rest of the kitchen) i took it upon myself to move it out of the way and replace it with the arborite table i have been using as a desk in my office.  i am currently typing this entry on the floor as the thrift shop desk that kevin found for me is too heavy for me to manoeuvre and carry on my own.  

it's nothing compared to the beautiful breakfast nooks i've collected on Pinterest comme ça

but i love it anyway.  i love the natural light.  i love the coziness.  

and i am looking forward to having the kitchen painted and hanging a framed piece of art or two on the wall behind chloe

i really love this photo.  
she and i have been obsessively eating toast with avocado, S+P and red pepper flakes as of late

Momo picked some cherry blossoms and put them in this jar with water for the "new" table

there is so much yet to do with the house but i am looking forward to it all and in the meantime i remain as grateful as ever that we are surrounded with so much generosity from both sides of our family.  so grateful for all the contributions that have lightened our financial load and allowed us to even get out of our condo and into a house.  everything from lucky money, to clothes for the kids and groceries, every little bit helps.  this is going to be as hard as it ever will be right now… i hope, anyway.  

i am also feeling so happy to have projects land in my lap here and there to keep me creative and on my toes.  i have a photo session next weekend for a fellow LFA student who just had her baby today and just booked another job to photograph a casual wedding reception at the Yew restaurant in downtown.  just finished an illustration commission with more on the way and a few design projects too! 

life is good.    


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