Easter Art

it all started at Franc Départ 
Mirka set up potato stamps with yellow paint to make a giant chick

i sat at the miniature desk with the Easter inspired project of the week and started stamping a piece of paper with yellow paint using my thumb

i brought the piece of paper home 

once we were home, i took one of the billion of brand new pencils the kids have received over the years from birthdays and treat bags etc...

used an Exacto to cut down the sides to create a triangle stamp
(saw this idea of using pencil erasers for stamps on Pinterest ages ago…)

thank you Valentine's Day pencil!

next we mixed some orange paint...

...and added little beaks to all the thumbprints!

next i used the period stamp from my letter stamp kit to do eyes

Chloe did a few eyes and got bored so i finished doing all the chickies

maybe we will use it as wrapping paper or maybe frame it and stick it on the wall
i love making stamps, i love doing printmaking, i love doing patterns
i think i am going to start doing more of these

next i thought it would be fun for chloe to use her own fingers to stamp some Easter Eggs

she was totally into it
i loved how she slowly but eventually learned how to feel for the right ratio of water-to-paint stickiness on her fingers that would create the best and most vibrant colours

she began painting in her sketchbook and what began with an accident turned into a really cool project!  she got some paint on her forearm and smudged it onto her paper.  it looked so pretty she began painting her forearm more and making more marks!  it looked so cool i asked her if i could borrow a page and do one myself.  she said i could.  god i love when mistakes lead to a path of awesomeness!  mine and hers, top to bottom.

then i started painting a mermaid tattoo on my arm
of course chloe ooohed and aaaahhed and asked me if i could paint one for her too

i could do arts and crafts all day everyday


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