Holy Saturday Batman

you may only get that joke if you are/were of a Christian denomination and you know it is Holy Saturday (or you are well read in religions in general…)

today was such a lovely day.  i do so love the weekends and i am growing to love our new home more and more as Spring continues to bring warmer weather and longer days.  we've been doing a lot of yard work.  so much that i walked into town with the kids yesterday to buy us all a pair of gardening gloves.

kevin and his dad have been chopping away, clearing 20 years of neglected foliage and opening up our shady moss-growing yard.  it looks fantastic from the yard and from the street.  you can actually tell that there is a house on the corner!  the above and below are photos of all the foliage prior to the last month. as you can see, there is zero visibility over the fence.

here is the view now from the outside looking in.  we have at least 10 feet of visibility now which allows tonnes more sunlight into our yard.  i'm hoping this helps to grow grass instead of moss!  and YAY!  we also have two cherry blossoms!!!!  i thought they were dead as we have already had cherry blossoms bursting on streets throughout the mainland for a month now, but turns out our street's trees are just a little behind.

this entire view was covered up until yesterday.  you could hardly see the fence as there were huge bushes that had grown on both sides of it followed by super low bows from the giant trees.  you literally would not know there was a house here with the bushes growing up into the trees.

and from the other side of the fence.  with this whole area opened up, we can see the school and watch the kids play at the playground from our yard!

gotta love having a cul de sac

like i said, Spring is really getting me more excited about living here!
a perfect little street with a cul de sac for the kids to ride their bikes, lined with cherry blossoms!

it's been at least 2 years since i first dyed easter eggs.  
grabbed a cheap dozen of sad eggs from Shopper's to do with the kids today.

i could do these 

i am a nerd.  they are so beautiful.

invited my mom over to join us for dinner.
made a little nest for the eggs and a quick stamped sign for the table.

cherry blossoms!!!!

my mom went on a walk with the kids while kev whipped up dinner and i tidied up the day's mess
now that i have birthed all my children, i can't wait to be a grandma…
i'm going to be THE BEST grandma in the entire world

we will do things like play music really loud
while jumping on the bed singing at the top of our lungs
during sleepovers

coconut curry with mahi mahi
mango, cucumber, red pepper, slaw with lime juice and cilantro

last weekend was such a train wreck 
this weekend so far has been the absolute opposite
i am feeling so happy

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend!


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