See My Vest

my favourite thing in the world is getting mail addressed to me as The Shitstains

it is even more awesome when it comes from good friends who live
on the other side of the world

when shit like this arrives, it's worthy of gouging my eyeballs out and expediting
them off to the the sender

i couldn't even believe it
a United Colours of Benetton denim toddler vest for Malcolm
fully hardcore customized by the one and only
NééNéé Houston

i'm dying here.  i can not wait for this little dude to strut around in this badass vest!!!!!!

the original badass vest that i so coveted on The Houstons' baby girl Myla!

Beautiful Brown-Eyed Bandana Buddies
I can't wait for you guys to come home so our little ones can run amok together
a trillion kisses to you guys!!!!

rockin' the tummy time in his Space Cowboy ensemble!


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