Summer is Coming...

new nightgown

this guy



off to Centennial with a few other mamas and our kids in tow
it was nearly 20 degrees and we were all breaking a light sweat

he loves the swing

the big 6 is around the corner for this handsome devil

we picked up Ainge from the sky train
the last season of Mad Men has begun and we have agreed to watch these final episodes together
we headed outside with the kids while kevin made dinner
i took some artistic licence and created some cool experimental images with the camera

this one is my favourite

cool fade

ombre silhouettes

i found these fun faces

this one has a sweet prison tattoo

and this poor guy has lost his mind...

my two besties

kevin's first try at Osso Bucco with polenta
(the kids had frozen pizza)

he has been churning out these gluten free Orange + Almond cakes by Matt Moran from the show Paddock to Plate.  the recipe is simple with only 6 ingredients:

4 oranges
1 tsp butter for greasing
420g castor sugar
375g almond meal
1tsp baking powder

  after 3 different cakes, he decided to try doing a lemon one.  it originally had the beautiful sliced wheels on top but he forgot to set the timer while painting bedroom doors in the living room (and watching Naked Gun on TV…) and they "lost their pretty" as he sadly put it.  i ate the crunchy sweet caramelized lemon slices like a pig.  he served this lemon version with blueberries and a side of Coconut Bliss ice cream.

Two back to back episodes of MadMen took us into the night and i am looking forward to our next Mad Men dinner + dessert, hopefully with Ainge's sister Adri as well…


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