The Creamiest Dreamiest Oatmeal

i've been thinking lately about redoing this blog and organizing it into different sections so that there is one main blog but a section for all the food and recipe posts and all the arts and crafts posts etc…  i'm afraid.  i know the squarespace will transfer from blogger here but it makes me nervous that things will get messed up and maybe i'm better off just starting from scratch?

i came across this fantastic recipe or rather process for making oatmeal.  initially, i was looking for a slow cooker recipe that i could do overnight so that breakfast would be ready the next morning.  i scrolled through many recipes on Pinterest.  sometimes i find it difficult to trust a recipe because i feel like some recipes probably steal incredible photos and use them as their own, so if you judge a recipe by its photo, you may not necessarily be getting a great recipe.  

i came across this recipe by Sue from  i scanned through the recipe and the following phrases/words caught my eye:

I’m always looking for shortcuts
...but I never want to sacrifice a fantastic meal just to cut corners

...I don’t want to stand there and stir, not at 7 in the morning...

Honestly, I’m not into downing a cold green smoothie first thing on an icy February morning.  A warm bowl of steel cut oatmeal is much more like it.

 and the last and most persuasive to actually get me to try it out:

The key to the perfect creamy quality of this oatmeal is that you don’t cook it directly in the crock pot, you cook it in separate containers in a water bath in the crock pot.  That gives the perfect amount of gentle heat that results in perfectly cooked oats by morning. 

I had to try it out.  This was the single recipe that said to NOT cook the oatmeal directly in the pot.  This process was what would give me a perfectly creamy oatmeal.  

I have now made this 4 times in the last two weeks.  Sue was not lying.
The key is totally cooking the oatmeal in their own containers!

My first try I added cinnamon and chopped up apple

Second Trial
Bananas, Cinnamon and Chocolate Chips
Too sweet...

The Third Trial I decided to take my own photos of the process

1/4 Cup Steel Cut Oats into each jar
1/4 Cup Almond Milk
1/2 Cup Water
Sprinkle of Salt

Place jars in crock pot/slowcooker and fill the basin halfway up the jars
Set on Low for 8-10 hours

No stressing about breakfast
On these chilly spring mornings, there is nothing quite like hot creamy oatmeal just waiting to get in your belly and warm you from the inside out

Almond Butter, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon and Blueberries

Well now I need to make these again 
because just looking over these photos is making me crave another one!

Kids love it.
I also add a little more almond milk to cool it down
If you add enough, you can literally just drink it out of the jar comme ça!

Planning on Adding more of her recipes to our meal planning list!


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