Mother's Day at the Beach

Happy Mother's Day!
(i put on a bra, changed my shirt, tied my hair up and put on some eyebrows)

not much going on today.
kevin made waffles and took a few photos of me with the kids in bed.

i am actually booked to shoot a wedding downtown this evening which makes me feel sad, but then again, i'm doing this blog instead of running around outside with the kids.  really, i just wanted to enjoy our usual Sunday night dinners with my in-laws, taking it easy, watching the kids play with their cousins and enjoying some dessert with tea.

i've been having anxiety all week over this wedding.  as mentioned in previous posts, having babies has upped my anxiety levels like crazy.  i never used to worry and now i worry about the tiniest things.  i'm booked from 4-8pm, not including travel time.  Malcolm usually naps around 12-2 or 1-3.  he was up a bit earlier today and just went down about 20 minutes ago.  that works perfectly for today and has eased my anxiety about how i will manage to feed him and work for 5-6 hours with a giant chest full of milk.  if things work well, he will wake up at 1pm and be happy for an hour or so before i can feed him and therefor have empty breasts right before i need to leave.  i don't plan on pumping in a washroom, so i was really freaking out about timing everything.  #momproblems

yesterday started of fantastic with the girls receiving their costumes for this year's dance recital!  the class will be dressed as little LADYBUGS!!!!  there is also a cute little fascinator for their hair.  as you saw above, chloe put it on first thing this morning before jumping into bed with me!

too adorable for words

the kids and i headed to Centennial for Mother's day with my mom and my Lola.  the beach was packed.  absolutely packed.  summer is going to be insane for sure.  perhaps i should not have bragged so heavily about our beach and ask people to move out here?  it's been getting busier and busier each year!

Chloe with her Lola-Lola

the third photo of this guy NOT smiling

wearing Momo's old maillot and Chloe's sunhat!

my mom brought 3 umbrellas to shield us from the sun lol

kevin made the orange pudding cake for my mom upon her request
delicious as always...

he just keeps getting older and older
two weeks til this guy turns 6 years old

enjoying her littlest Palallum

it was a perfect day, warm with a breeze

this girl is outta control
2015's Flagmingo bathing suit, also out of control
(Old Navy)

completely hilarious

i never thought i would be here.

i had hoped and envisioned it, but now that i am here, it feels pretty surreal.  so much of my time and energy is pooled into these guys makes it easy to forget who you are, or not recognize the person you become when you enter Motherhood.  there isn't a lot of inner reflective time, and it is usually months that pass in between each small pocket of this alone time.  it's just go, go, go; survival mode; get through the day reasonably unscathed…  i can't believe i have three beautiful amazing hilarious kids to call my own.  it's awesome and terrifying at the same time to have 3 little lives depend on you and love you so so so much.  what will this photo look like in 5 years, in 10 years, in 20 years…  who will we all have become when they are my age?  i hope that even with all the time that passes, they will remember snippets of this beautiful time when they were so young and innocent, when they were all still small enough that i could still carry each of them like the babies they are.  i'm so very blessed in this life.  we definitely may not be rich in the pocket, but i'd choose these three souls over all the money in the world.

Happy Mother's Day



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