5 Months

this little guy is so cute sometimes i wonder if he is going to give Momo a run for his money.

we've hit some milestones in the last month.  it's funny that the first year is divided into 3-6-9-12 because a lot of big milestones happen outside of those months.  5 months has always been a big one in terms of development, at least with my personal experience.  the most memorable - and frightening - is the sudden awareness of your presence or shall we say your absence.  suddenly, every time you leave the room or you turn around to put the cereal box away or get something out of the fridge, a roaring revolt is heard along with the clattering of all the toys in the exersaucer/circle-of-neglect.  this was one of the milestones i was not looking forward to but thankfully, i've done it twice before, and it will be over before i know it.

the newest development (only days old now…) is that when holding and carrying him up close to me, he will wrap his tiny arm around my neck in a tiny little embrace, giving me the slightest squeeze to let me know that we are pals fo' lyfe.  it melts me every single time.

we bought him a high chair, or rather, i escaped to IKEA on my own with Little M a few weekends ago and took my sweet indecisive time buying a few things.

he is so little compared to his big bro and sis

if you've ever come over, this is a sight all too common
always smothering her little brother

momo is always so sweet and kind
i'm so excited to see how their relationship blooms

i've been itching to feed this guy some real food since he was born.  i'm looking forward to having one on one lunch times with this guy once Chloe joins Moses in the big school.  because kevin and i both have food allergies, we have played it safe in terms of starting solids.  typically we wait til the 6 month mark and start with oatmeal, rice cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, bananas and avocados...

i was bad.  i went against the rules and kevin got mad at me.  i tried out avocado and then a week later some banana and then more avocado this passed weekend.  he frigging loves it and it buys me so much time when i am making dinner and require the full use of my body.  i've had to strap him in the carrier a bunch of times since he was born which was not too bad, but now that he is so much bigger and wiggly and wanting to turn around and grab everything, it's just not safe to be handling sharp knives and 500 degree ovens with a baby.

Malcolm is the first baby that i have been able to breastfeed exclusively.  this has burned me in ways i should have known.  i really should have anticipated this and now i am fucked.  on one hand, i never have to worry about cleaning bottles, having a clean bottle, packing bottles and formula, boiling water to the perfect temperature and then waiting for it to cool.  it also means that he is digesting it so well that he literally has a shitty diaper ONCE a week!  with the other kids breastfeeding with bottles of formula on the side, they were shitting pretty much every 1-2 days, multiple times.  with the introduction of avocado and banana, the poop definitely came full force and i've changed at least one shitty diaper now for the last couple of days after one day of avocado.  too much information?  this is my blog after all.

over the weekend, i finally had the courage and teaspoon of energy to pull out my pump at 11:30pm and attempt to pump and bottle feed my little boob fiend.  of course, after sitting on the couch for 20 minutes with my giant boob being vacuumed by an electric pump like a dairy cow, he did not take the bottle at his 1am feed.  back to the boob.  i put the bottle in the fridge and attempted again the next day at feeding time.  NO DICE.  then i tried to let him play with it during regular waking/play hours and he warmed up to it, grabbing it and pulling it to his mouth.  he still could not figure out how to adapt his mouth and tongue to suck out any milk, but at least he was interested!  so, somehow i need to find more time to set aside to pump and get him on a bottle so that i can leave him to do more photoshoots or as it happened, take advantage of free eyelash extensions that take 3 hours.

the arrival of the 5 month period also means one very horrible thing for many parents: sleep training.

i am a goddam idiot.  i read "French Kids Eat Everything" and swore that if i had another baby, that i would TOTALLY do the sleep training method that is practiced in France.  well, i didn't do it.  most babies in France are trained from 2-4 months.  i have continuously trained Malcolm to feed until he passes out and then i put him in bed.  now i am having to do DOUBLE the work by undoing that training.  now, i have to feed him but make sure he hasn't fallen asleep so that he is awake (or at least half awake) when i put him down to teach him how to soothe himself to sleep.  the goal is to train them to know that being put in their bed means it is time to sleep.  oh god i have visions of Moses and Chloe screaming and screaming in their crib…  so far it hasn't been awful.  i did it last night and it only took about 15 minutes for him to fall asleep.  i tried again today at 12-1pm and he wouldn't stop crying for about an hour.  i tried again after a walk into town with Lindsay who was visiting today, and he went down after about 15-20 minutes.  i just put him down for bed, and again, about 15 minutes!  i have my fingers crossed but i'm not holding my breath that this will last forever.  NOTHING ever does.  they always switch it up on you!

he truly recognizes all of us and is always generous with his giant (still) toothless grin.  it's the greatest joy to see him love his siblings and see how much they love him in return.  he loves being thrown up in the air and lowered almost upside down.  he loves it when he is lying down and i parachute his light and airy swaddling blanket up and down over his face.  he is such a friendly and happy little guy, melting the hearts of everyone he meets.

sigh, are we ever so lucky to have this little guy.


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