Avocado Shirt and more...

i can't tell if my face is
1) sunburnt
2) reactiing to new sunscreen
3) dry and/or
4) dehydrated

my lips have been on fire today as well.
it was not a good idea to put hot sauce on my tacos.
however, the coconut oil that i slathered over my lips was divine intervention.

let's talk about sleep/lack of sleep.
i thought i had dodged the bullet with Malcolm, but turns out, the fun has only begun.  the first 4 months of new baby were easy: he slept.  he slept regularly.  i should have seen it coming, nothing lasts forever with babies, good or bad.  i remember this stage.  i remember Moses at 5 months while we lived at my inlaws for the month of October before moving into our condo, never imagining we would one day have 2 more to add to the plate.  i remember the early morning hours of a wakeful Moses crying out of boredom or just needing to be held on and off for 1-3 hours at a time; and the sound of those cries bouncing off the wall of my struggling consciousness, each cry trying to penetrate my slumbering brain and shake my depleted energy into gear.  each cry wakes me, but i'm so deep in sleep and so burnt out from almost 2 weeks of this that my head is aching from the tug of war between my crying baby and my crying body.

things that have happened this week due to lack of sleep

1.  constantly smiling and nodding at friends in conversation while having no clue what they are talking about because my hearing and vision sucks so bad.  i can't concentrate hard or long enough to be able to process what people are saying.

2.  having to ask kevin 3-5 times to repeat something he has said very slowly with great articulation and still not understand what he is saying.

3.  finding the coconut spread in the cupboard 5 hours after taking it out of the fridge.

4.  throwing a box of cereal on the floor when trying to put it on the counter.  i don't even know how i managed to do this but it wasn't just a straight drop, it really looked like i flung it on the floor.  i was trying to be on top of cleaning up by putting it away right away, but instead i ended up sweeping a cereal radius of 5 feet.

5.  losing my wallet at Thrifty's and not even realizing it was gone for 2-3 days until one of my old managers called me when clearing out the safe.  thank god my driver's licence was in there!

i'm tired.  i'm really really tired.
i'm good!  i'm happy!  but really really tired.

on the flip side of tired, we are making great progress with
a) bottle feeding
b) crying it out

this week, kevin has fed Malcolm 3 bottles with ZERO issues!  i think the first time was 30ml, then 60ml, then 90ml!!!  he's been feeding him a bottle at his bedtime, relieving me of my boob duties so i can relax/clean/work.

Malcolm is getting pretty good at soothing himself to sleep.  it's definitely not the 30-45 minute red-faced screamer cries that i have had to witness, but maybe it is still in the future for us…

i've been doing a lot of work,
well at least a lot in terms of trying to squeeze it into my mother schedule.
i've been madly trying to catch up here on blogging.
i completed the wedding invites for KLF, drawn, rendered, painted, designed, ordered and delivered.
i just finished doing photos of chloe's graduating class, individual and class photos of both.
(still gotta set time aside to email out the files and order prints)
i also just finished designing a new newspaper ad for the pre-school.
in between, i'm trying to transfer and clean up my hard drives.

i'm not looking forward to Friday.
i'm sure it's all in my head, but i feel like it could be a potentially traumatic day.
Moses has Sports Day which includes a bike parade first thing (kevin has been working on it)
Chloe will have school so i will have to do the pick up and drop off and make an early lunch for us to maow down since i stupidly decided to volunteer to help with Special Foods/Hot Lunch that day at Moses' school.  then i'm probably going to have to try to put Malcolm for a nap at some point unless i want to wear him for 12 hours straight in a carrier so that i can watch all of Sports Day.  dinner will have to be pizza or something because it is Chloe's end of the year graduating concert and potluck and THIS JUST IN: if i am not a fucking corpse by then, my high school classmate just invited our family to her wedding reception where i would get to see a whole bunch of girls i went to high school with whom i haven't seen in aaagggeeesssssss.  i really really really want to.  i'm considering ordering everyone a round of coffees just so we can make it hahaahaha

i totally forgot i called this post Avocado Shirt.

other points
1.  my shirts are constantly being stained with food from feeding Malcolm (avocado, banana, carrot and oatmeal) and half the time i don't even know it.

2.  i need to start using the kids' plastic plates to feed him because he knocked a regular one out of my hand the other day and it smashed all over my feet.  yes, i was also cooking dinner at the time.  i usually feed him while cooking dinner so that he will shut up and i don't have to carry him.

ok. i think that's all i needed to say.
life is good.

i think we might paint the house this summer and we are growing grass in the backyard and it is so awesome.



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