Birthday 32

i had a great birthday

breakfast with family
enjoyed a child-free hair cut + style from jade
took photos at the farm for a wedding shower
cleaned up the home
family photo session with jayme anne
kevin made fajitas for dinner
we headed to Boundary Bay to spend the evening with the Crowles

Erin needed to make a trip home so i tagged along in the kiddie bike trailer
the last time i was pulled in one of these was by my dad when we used to do big family Sea Wall bikerides when i was probably Moses' age.  it was a sweltering day, but by 8pm it was perfect.

the Crowles borrowed a friend's boat and James took the boys out to check their crab trap

father + son

mother + daughter

my little bear is losing all her baby-ness

6 years and my first year spending my birthday with this amazing woman

the sunset was disappointing... so so disappointing

Mae wanted a ride in the boat.  I also joined.

printing this for the house

so disappointing...

we stayed out until the sun went down
absolutely perfect birthday



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