Come on everybody, let's MOUSERCISE!

       it's been a year since last year's dance rehearsal and what a throwback seeing their faces just that tiny bit chubbier and with slightly less attitude

this year's outfits are so damn adorable i can't stand it

sometimes as a mom, your cardigan gets stretched out
if your 5 month old has started solids, your shirts have a life span of half a day before they are covered in avocado or banana

it's all good
this is Carly with Little Daley
Carly also blogs and is 100x more hilarious than i am

not sure what poses these are


who is this girl going to be?  and where the hell did she come from?

in the wings

i should have brought my 50mm to get them on stage 
but sometimes getting out of bed is the biggest goal of the day

here is chloe rocking it at the rehearsal earlier this week

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