East Visits West

wow, am i ever behind!

just checked to see how long ago i took these photos and its been 3 weeks already!  we had a visit from The Langemann's!  our friends moved out East last summer and were finally back for a short visit.  so lucky to have been on their list of people to visit during their stay.

they arrived after Chloe's preschool so Chloe was actually able to enjoy a full on girl playmate prior to picking up Moses from school.  we had a little tea party with cheese buns, raspberries, cherries and some pink tea!

the girls have grown

Armenie has graduated from toddler shyness and is officially a big kid

i will always have a special spot in my heart for Hanu.  during those lonely first months, i remember reaching out to Taryn (Hanna was born only 2 weeks before Moses) and visiting her for the first time.  i was desperate, as many first moms are.  i needed to get out of our apartment and our neighbourhood.  and i needed to socialize.  Taryn and Hanna were my first connection and we have spent the last 6 years having playdates and watching our kids grow up and bond.

teen hanu

we mozied on over to pick up Momo

he was surprised at first but the hugs came easy

it has been a long stretch, the longest stretch between seeing one another, but it seems like they might be the kind of friends who will be able to catch up and continue on like nothing at all

they both look so much older

Moses asked Hanna why she had been gone for so long and then asked her if he could tell her a secret. i caught the moment, but Taryn and i will never know what the secret was.  i asked him last night and he doesn't remember.  it was a pretty sweet moment.

as Taryn and I expected, these two hit it off no problem now that they are both older.  that age gap closes so fast as the years pedal forward.

i really needed this visit.  sometimes the universe just knows what your heart is yearning for and sends the solution right away.  i didn't know how much i needed it until they arrived and we got to talk and watch our kids enjoy one another's company.

love you guys!!!!


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