we were not 100% sure that we would be attending the #fansette wedding.  mostly because i was not sure i was going to have enough energy after 6 hours of Sports Day, cleaning the house for 2 hours while Malcolm slept and Chloe had a playdate, and a panicked hour of cooking food to bring to Chloe's pre-school Graduation ceremony/concert.  I misread the email that said the kids needed to arrive by 5:45pm.  it meant if you were helping to set up chairs and tables, otherwise 6:15pm would be fine for the concert starting at 6:30pm.  i arrived in my usual flustered and sweaty state at 6pm with all three kids, Moses still wearing his soccer shin guards with the socks pulled over up to his knees and me in my sports day attire of wide loose top and pre-ripped jeans.  how times have changed, not being the mom all nicely dressed with hair and face cleaned and washed and presentable.  

the concert was short and sweet.  the post-concert potluck provided our dinner (and dessert) and kevin and i stepped outside to discuss whether or not we would attend.

basically we both wanted to attend but not stay late.  we share many friends with josette and it would definitely be great to see people we haven't seen in years.  and i guess josette and fane were worth celebrating…

so we jammed the kids in the car, raced home, got dressed and zoomed all the way to East Vancouver at 7:30pm.  

Jenice + Kyme
high school friends turned mom friends, we all cheersed and took the opportunity to indulge

dear wide angle lens: THANK YOU

Avery + Malcolm sitting in a tree
i spent many many classes alphabetically attached to Miss Pamela Chiu

and Chris P whom i have known since i was 4
he began torturing me on the playground when he was in Kindergarten and i would accompany my mom who was always doing Lunch Hour supervision on Fridays.  

the happy beautiful couple Josette + Fane

reason #25 why Drunkle Jenice loves Fane
"MY husband's name is ZANE!  Our husbands' names RHYME!!!"

i learned that Crown Royale is a Jorge family tradition
this was confirmed as Mr Jorge called his youngest daughter a bitch in front of all the guests

an incredible multi-person performance of Josette/Fane's favourite songs including
Aladdin's "A Whole New World"

i am guilty of playing "A Whole New World" on the piano at least once a month when I have a few minutes so I would say I was pretty damn into this performance

first dances

photobooth action

many of the mamas left but my Natalie-Anne showed up

Moses tried to hide and cover the chocolate stains on his shirt.  i laughed.
i was surprised he wasn't tearing up the dance floor, but he was probably zonked from Sports Day

i might print this photo

Kristin Fung in all her Asianic glory

birthday buddy Vince made my night, complimenting me all night long
i'm considering hiring him to just hang out with me everyday to up my confidence

"…those were the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE…"
poor Malcolm passed out in spite of the blaring tunes

gathering the troops to go home at 11:00pm

the day Malcolm is old enough to be on his own for a night
and i am done breastfeeding
and my boobs shrink
and i can zip up my jeans
you will find me partying my face off

i had so much fun having not been out for so long i forgot how much i miss going out


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