Lego Party!

it's been trippy to relive school through my kids.  it has become custom to bring a treat of some sort on the day of your child's birthday.  being that Moses' birthday fell on a Saturday this year, he requested that we bake him cupcakes to share with his class for the Friday.  i was so glad he asked because i was concentrating my energy on his actual birthday and his party (among other things…) that it did not occur to me to celebrate with his whole class.  

kevin whipped these up for our big guy
(they were delicious, i checked)

my little Monkey, ears and all, hahahaha

Birthday Stuff

so i made a website invite via my website for The Pauhaus

Moses helped me to pick a variety of heads and i arranged and placed them onto a sheet of loose leaf paper using some play dough as an adhesive to keep the heads in place.  i took this nice clean photo and uploaded it as the background to the invite!

i thought it turned out pretty damn swell!

my sister and husband would be flying in to surprise the birthday boy
she asked me to find Lego wrapping paper.  i could not and did not so i made some.
oh art school, you did teach me a few useful things...

i didn't take photos though i really really should have.  Chloe and Kevin went on a shopping date at the Lego store to customize Lego people for each guest.  each guest would receive a Thank You goodie bag with their own Lego man with a few boxes of candies.

the goodie bags would all be stuffed into the Lego block piñata kevin made.  in an attempt to shake things up and also avoid getting whacked in the crotch by 6 year olds with a bat, he decided to make it a tug-of-war piñata that would break the box apart.

it just so happened that KLF was flying in for a quick visit from White Horse the night before.  she put together a number 6 out of Lego as a centrepiece for the birthday table.  we began putting a few men on it and then proceeded to read stories to the kids in their room.  Moses got bored and came out to the kitchen to see what KLF and I had done and completely reworked our arrangement of men into tiny vignettes and interactions between men.

as per his request, i made him his favourite
Kale and Apricot Jam Grilled Cheese with a Smoothie


pirates and coffee


Moses laughed really hard after we put a vampire face on Superman and dynamite in his hand

one of the very awesome and imaginative things he changed was standing this fellow on the left on the "M" with a shovel and removing a piece to make it look like the dude was working on it.  it was my idea to have people "swimming/drowning" in the letter O hahahahaha  KLF worked on making the water three dimensional.  a pretty dope group effort!


Kevin's aunt runs a hot dog cart locally and agreed to set up for the party!!!


the most awesome specimen of a human being

Deifenbaker is awesome.  there is so much for kids to do, we have been so lucky to not have had a single rainy day when we have hosted Moses' party here.  there are the hills, the park, the watermark and the fish pond

great minds think alike!
dressed the same as my brother!

Thanks to Conrad and Rook for 
the . best . card . ever

chloe and eve




1… 2… 3...

we need to work on this for another time

it's such a great idea but we made it too easy for the ropes to pull apart and did not have something strong enough to tear the box in half

NBD.  Arlo grabbed the piñata and everyone ran to smash it

the cupcakes turned out awesome

we purchased a silicone tray for lego figures and lego blocks

we used white chocolate that was melted and mixed with food colouring, before being mashed into the mould and hardened in the freezer.  these moulds are awesome and can be used with jello or for making crayons or clay figurines to paint!

wrapping paper was dope

yay yay yay!  another birthday crossed off!

i can't believe he is six
having kids makes you unable to understand math and the progression of numbers

so gorgeous and so smart and always eager to please
i won the offspring lottery with these three
their happiness is my happiness
i need nothing more
in life

sweet triangle ending


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