Sports Day + Pre-School Graduation

i had been dreading Friday all week.  i knew it was going to be a long long day and i was hoping the stars would align to make sure Malcolm was as well behaved as possible throughout the potential 16 hour day that was ahead of us.  it has been quite a long week and quite the challenging past couple of weeks with Malcolm being more wakeful and less cooperative than usual.  kevin and i (though mostly kevin) stayed up finishing up Moses' bike for the primary grades' bike parade to start off Sports' Day.  as you can see, it turned out pretty effing rad!!!!  kevin is a master cardboard manipulator and though they look like they may take long, it's only because we have feeble minds.  he is able to make these so fast, it's pretty impressive.  hey, we may live in a shanty of a house, but the shit that comes out of this shanty little house is almost always top notch awesome.

Team Blue Ready to Go!!!
we dropped off Moses and his bike early and then i ran Chloe up to pre-school.
i grabbed a coffee and strollered Malcolm back to Moses' school just in time for the parade.

the parade was adorable

feeling proud!

it was so trippy being a part of Sports' Day for the first time in 20 years

Moses had a great time

i left to pick up Chloe from pre-school then rushed back with her and Malcolm to help distribute the Special Foods/Hot Lunch to Moses' class with a couple other mamas.  

Chloe played with her classmate Claire who also has older siblings at the school.  when the big day was finally over, Claire came for a playmate.  an exhausted Malcolm went down for a nap while i cleaned the kitchen and made dinner for Chloe's pre-school graduation concert.

for the first time in the last 4 consecutive years of attending the year end concert, we were EARLY!  this only happened due to my inability to read/process information.  i misread the expected time of arrival.  fine.  we got a great parking space and nobody was having a meltdown or anxiety coming in last minute.

as usual, it was an adorable mess and everyone loved every minute of it

i don't now how this day came so fast
i can't even remember the first year Moses attended and 3 years later she is done!

me laughing at her choice of pose

i love this girl

and boy do i love these two handsome little fellas

the day did not stop there, no it did not.
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