Summers at The Farm

it's going to be a good summer
better than last summer's pregnant nauseous alum-free summer
maybe as good as the summer before
we'll see how it goes…

we had our first group potluck at the farm the other week

beer, sangrias, fruits, veggies, bruschetta, snackie-snacks, salads, hotdogs & Annie's, fish & chicken on the BBQ...

pre and post dinner swims

chowing down

all the love to the ladies who give my shoulders a break

it's weird how some things are hereditary
both kevin and his dad love climbing trees

new favourite photo

marshmallow roasting

if you don't already know, the best way to make s'mores is to fuck buying the graham crackers and chocolate separately and just buy a box of Celebration cookies that take all the work out of melting and sandwiching these bad boys.  roast your marshmallow and you are done.  i know, genius.

the girls piling high
while the H boys are doing double time

is there something on ma face yo?


i couldn't believe how brave Chloe was.  she stripped down, strapped herself into a floaty and jumped into the water for the first time since last summer!  i don't think she realized that she didn't actually know how to swim but she caught on face and was jumping in and out over and over and dog paddling across the pool with her wild maniacal laughter

m + m

checking out Hastie's routine flip

keeping warm and cozy with my buddy by the fire

Boy, you're officially part of the clan

those summmmmmmerrrr niiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhhtttttssss!

to be continued...


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