Wall Art

the very office in which i spend my time editing and blogging is a disaster.  it's the room where all the crap gets shoved.  it's an organized mess.  one of the largest stacks includes our framed art.  we have yet to put anything up on the walls after 5 months, and with this room resembling a hoarder's paradise, i finally got to work putting up a handful of our collection including a collaborative painting between Chloe and I.

sometimes all a room needs is a splash of colour.  i've had this Pinned for a while on my "things for my wall" board on Pinterest.  i gave Chloe the choice between this image and another one that also had text and she chose this one.  done.

i grabbed an old painting from first or second year art school that i had already primed over with deep embarrassment.  i spent the previous night using the leftover white paint (probably from that same year…) that was a little tacky/gunky from breathing air over the years to create a bunch of texture with a plastic knife.

Lesson 1

chloe was excited to paint.  at first i let her just do whatever she wanted.  she used some gold paint with a small brush to paint what looks like a weird baby-poop-coloured dick.  she added more gold here and there before i took a wet cloth and rubbed at her work to create a less structured image and more of a background colour.  it's so fun being able to teach her different methods of creating.

we moved up to a large brush, the brush we have used to cut in the corners of the house.  she was super stoked to use a giant brush.  she picked the colours, i squirted them lightly across as a guideline and she created the strokes.

it didn't take her too long, but long enough to know she put in a good effort

i turned around to change my lens and she had taken the plastic spoon i was using to scoop paint out of my white can to draw her signature crazy lines throughout the entire painting.    at first i freaked out, only to realize that this liberty she had taken with the spoon was a terrific and creative idea that allowed her to express and define herself.  i was so happy.

once she was done, i added a few squirts of paint here and there and let her do a few Pollock splatters for good measure.

painter's hands

she was so proud and we had so much fun together

a few details


being the fartsy person i am, i have always loved the palettes of a painting, to see the colours of the finished work separated in groups on a separate surface.  i fell in love with the final state of the paintbrush we used and decided to take photos of both sides and to get them printed as art for our walls!  the one above is Chloe's favourite side, but i took photos of both, thinking they might look awesome as a diptych.

looking forward to doing another collaborative painting with Moses!


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