6 Months

alright, gratuitous photos for Henry Fussy's 6 month milestone

in the last 2 weeks this kid has been mastering the art of sitting and getting up on all fours,  eating mushy solids, adjusting from his little swinging bassinet to a full size and all the while pushing out 3 teeth!  he's also currently working on a cold which includes thick goober snot and an old man's cough.

he loves eating and his big brother and sister love to help feed him

i forgot how quick and grabby babies are at 6 months, there have been broken plates/bowls from Malcolm shooting and swiping while transporting dishes or even feeding him.  i need to get to IKEA to purchase some plastic tableware STAT.

in the span of a week, he was pushing himself up with one knee forward to bringing both knees forward and eventually pushing up before crashing down.  he repeated over and over until he could hold himself steady and gradually held for a little longer every time.

i can't believe how fast teeth grow.  this photo was only a few days ago and already they have risen noticeably higher.

i forget how quickly these milestones are mastered.  just two weeks ago he was still keeling over from sitting position after a minute or two, now he is able to sit for up to 10 minutes which is so fantastic as he can keep himself busy either sitting or on his belly, buying me more time to clean or prep meals.


Jess so kindly lent me this swinging crib for the last 6 months but needed to borrow it for an event, so sadly i had to bid farewell to this tiny bed.  it's ok, he is 6 months and needed to be upgraded to the crib.  i had lent the kids' crib to Katherine and she brought it back for me on her last visit the other week.


thank goodness he is so loveable as he has been driving me up the walls with his separation anxiety.  i've been carrying him all day long save nap time (if he naps) and the small pockets of time here and there in the high chair, exersaucer or with the kids which is usually only about 10 minutes, 15 minutes max.  i don't mind except for his new ability to knock dishes out of my hands and the fact that he is 17lbs or so.  i am grateful to all my friends who have helped relieve my left arm from having to totes him around at all times.  THANK YOU.

i guess the next milestone will be crawling.  phew, thank goodness kevin is just about finished installing all the baseboards throughout the house because there is a 1/2 - 1" gap between the floors and the wall which would serve as a perfect trough of dust and dirt for this little piggy to pick and eat from!  oh and not to mention it makes the house look 100% better.

who are you going to be little boy?


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