fyi we have grass

may 28

kevin spent many hours/days levelling the backyard prior to seeding
we were lucky to have a company that was aerating another yard in the cul de sac offer to do the back for $25 which i'm sure helped with our grass growing hopes

june 13

two weeks later, we had grass!

the highest point was the centre, the sides were low where kevin distributed looser dirt.  we learned the rules were not bullshit and that the grass would grow better in looser dirt so the sides are flourishing while the centre aisle is more patchy due to hard packed soil.  oh well.  now we know.  honestly i'm just shocked that it grew and grew so fast and changes the entire look of the back side of the house.

june 23

woo hoo!!!

with the back "finished", kevin (and his dad) have been working on the main yard.   let's flash back to october, shall we, back when it was still overrun with foliage!


a full blown foresty mess

april 3

ignoring the crap, the yard is much more open and allows more sunshine in
please be reminded that there is no grass after we had our perimeter drain installed which required the use of Bobcats driving around digging up the wet cold january yard.

after gutting the mudroom and garage, we had a fair bit of crap being stored, waiting for the Spring Cleaning to come and take the majority of stuff away.  free is free, even if it means looking like we live in a slum for a month or two.

lots of foliage was still being cut down over the spring months and we had a company come and limb many of the large trees and take out a few smaller trees.

may 28

kevin tacked together this giant sifter where he is taking down that large mountain of dirt and rock, separating all the rocks from the dirt.  the dirt is being distributed throughout the yard to level it in the areas where the land dips down, mostly the 3 feet from the fence all around.  the entire yard is so uneven and bumpy, he is scraping down the bumps with a shovel to even it out.

needless to say, our green waste bins are full every week

may 28
surprises turn up everywhere.  levelling the ground has included digging the 6-8 inch mounds of foliage compost turned dirt around the base of many trees.  he found a handful of random pavers around the base of this multi-trunk tree here.  the entire base (roots) of the tree was completely buried in 20 years of tree foliage compost.  thanks previous owners, thanks!

may 28
these large trees aligned with the fence to the right all dipped down towards the fence.  he filled the entire area, and although you may not have noticed the work that was done, everyone who has seen it lately has been surprised at how much cleaner it looks.  

may 28

he has been working on the base of our gargantuan sequoia for a while now, with and without Malcolm strapped to him.  we decided not to have grass planted all the way to the back of the fence, so he has been creating a ridge to divide the grassy-to-be part of the yard from the area that will remain dirt.  

july 6

the current state as of today.

he has done a great job with dividing the grass area from the non-grass
the pile in the foreground here is what had been dug up

we have had so little rain this summer, that a water ban is in place and i just learned today that the ban includes ALL WATERPARKS!!!!  this means that even once the yard is ready to spread grass seed, we won't even be able to water it!  sigh.  i really wanted to have some grass for the summer but at the rate we are going, it probably doesn't matter that we can't water the lawn because there is still much work left to do before the Fall weather sets in.  #firstworldproblems

trying to figure out what to use for a border.  kevin stuck one of the ugly red blocks just to see how ugly it would look. personally,  i hate it.  also, because the area between the tree and the fence is rather boggy, we are considering planting some blueberry bushes…. next year.

and last but not least: our newest "buried treasure" discovery! 

it turns out that where these two trees stand (there was a third on the left) used to be home to what looks like a garden, which makes perfect sense since this area would have received a tonne of light 20 years ago before the trees were overgrown and casting a shadow over the entire yard.

we cut down the left tree to open up the pathway to the back yard.  kevin decided to start digging yesterday and happened to unearth these cinder blocks that look like they were once part of an original breezeway wall.  i almost screamed when he told me this because I LOVE these vintage breezeway walls and to think that some idiot broke down the wall and decided to bury them makes me want to throw a thrashing tantrum on the ground.  i gotta wonder if they were once at the front entrance where the fence is…  i need to find out what this house looked like in its original day!

more house updates coming up...



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