How to Make An Entrance Part I

Receiving the Keys

Dec 10
Removing the deck to give workers access to replace the perimeter drain

save the ramp, this has been the state of our entrance up until this past weekend
total and utter embarrassment while we worked down the list of priorities

July 13

we don't have the means to get some pretty concrete slabs, so we decided to flip over the multicoloured tiles into the dimensions of the slabs we would have liked to see here.  we are going to have to level the ground, but for now, we are testing and placing a potential layout.  check out the sad state of the original concrete steps!  totally sinking into the ground.  we are trying to figure out what to replace them with since the concrete was holding water and causing the siding of the house to rot.

we've had a growing pile of rocks that kevin has spent many weekends sifting out from the giant mountains of dirt in the yard.  i was surprised how much he was able to fill.  he had hoped to fill more after devoting so many frustrating and dusty hours sifting.

jesus i can't wait to see this house painted

the kids helped me to cut and dig the remaining plants and shrubs out of the dirt this afternoon.  i was not attached to any of the plants and i totally still suck at taking care of plants so i think for the meantime, we can live with concrete and rocks.  we are trying to figure out dimension for the area kevin is flexing in the above photo.  we want to have a little area to set up a small table and chairs for chilling and snacking and drinking.  if we get anything it will probably  just be a variety of grass.  

i'm excited

you can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes you just might find
you get what you need

this has always always been true
i have everything i need and my heart is happy


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