Keeping Our Cool

i love this town.  after 6 years, i already feel like it is mine and need to protect it from "outsiders".  i never thought i'd be a small town kind of person, but it makes sense being a Cancer and all.  i do love the city and its bright lights and crazy night life, but with my family of 5 and a heart that is prone to panic attacks, i definitely prefer the pace of the smaller town.  i love the quiet streets and being surrounded by water and trees, i fall in love with the mountains whenever i take the highway outside the city.  

i love running into people i know everywhere i go.  there is a friendly face everywhere you go, so even when you are having a rough day, you are bound to cheer up if you manage to get out of your house.  i've met so many many fantastic people here and my circle of friends grows every year.  last week, we were kindly invited over to Martina's, whom i met at Franc Depart (mutual friends with a dozen other moms of course) this year.  the kids had a blast together swimming in the pool, snacking, watching Frozen, and playing Lego.

Milo + Ziggy
grilled cheesies for the littles and a delicious salad for the mamas

even Malcolm joined in on the fun

it is amazing how much kids can learn to do in a pool in just a few hours.  Moses has been gaining more confidence in the pool and had Milo to help him practice holding his breath under water.  

even Martina got in on the action 

this guy slept for a total of 45 minutes the entire day, ugh.
check out those tiny little chicklets peeking through his little lips NOM

Malcolm and Leeroy took a liking to one another

so thankful for this play date that kept Moses and Chloe apart.  they have been fighting and crying every single frigging day and these playdates are the only things that help us ALL to keep our cool.  i had completely forgotten how much they fight when stuck together for hours at a time, and how much it amps my anxiety and frustration and the scary monster inside me.  the yelling and F bombs were unleashed the first week as Moses proceeded to torture the hell out of Chloe multiple times an hour all day long.  i forgot that being at school for a full day mellowed him out by 3pm but we don't have the moolah to put them in anything for the summer, which means i need to be creative and set some sort of schedule to make sure they are being kept busy mentally and physically.  i need to keep whatever sanity i have intact!!!!  speaking of which, i should probably get on that for the week.  UGH meal planning AND kid planning?!!!  i need a drink…


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