Mini Wheats

we headed to Beach Grove last week, or i guess it was 2 weeks ago now, geez how time is flying UGH.  we headed out to Beach Grove to do test shooting in the forest prior to meeting with some clients.  it's been a while since we've visited, now that we are no longer in the Beach Grove area, so it was nice to give our old hood a visit.  the blackberry bushes on our street have finally started producing large juicy berries, so i was excited to see how the bushes were doing in the park where we used to pick them.  on our walk through the park, we ventured to the back side where different things are grown throughout the year.  in the fall it was turnips or something.  i was jumping for joy when we found the field full of what i assume to be wheat!  i took a couple of crappy shots of the kids and made a point to return at dusk to really get the gold shining through…  ENJOY!

Chloe found a little ladybug as we were leaving

this tired yet wonderfully supportive and understanding soul joined us and acted not only as backup parents but as a clothes rack as well.  kevin, you are my favourite friend.

after 3 years of missing opportunities to snap photos here, i finally have a sweet little collection that i will hopefully get around to printing for the walls


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