Paint it Black

with the house all power washed, we've been looking into paint colours for the house and door.  as Big Brother finds more Pins for me based on Pinterest choices, my feed has increased with a slough of mid-century home entrances.  these are a few favourites with beautiful clean fronts and fun coloured doors.

we took a photo of the front and played around in Photoshop with a variety of tones of greys for the house colour and then played some more to find a colour for the door.  please do your very best to ignore all the crap in front of our shitty fence.  ideally, i would love to have cinder blocks or horizontal fencing but those will have to wait.  also, we need to figure out what the heck we wanna do with the entrance area that remains half demolished having had to remove the deck to replace the perimeter drain.

this is pretty close.  the darkness i believe is pretty damn close but the door is a touch less orange, more yellow, similar to the yellow posted above.  i'd say that i am damn proficient at Photoshop, wouldn't you agree?  today was the last day to take advantage of the BOGO paint sale.  we grabbed a sample of the one we both liked best and tested it on the house before placing the order for the whole shebang.

pretty stoked.  sadly it will be a hefty ten grand to replace all our windows.  maybe we will win a small lottery so that we can replace them.  i guess i better start buying lottery tickets...


  1. LOVE your colours! Keep an eye out for home improvement rebates. We took advantage of the one a few years back and replaced all our windows. That particular rebate has ended but keep looking online, there are federal and provincial rebates available. (and I love your house btw)

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  3. Thanks Gaile!!!! Yes, we had considered doing them all back in the Fall with the rebates but we were still not quite at a place to drop that much cash. I think in the meantime, we have some friends that have wood who have volunteered to help frame the windows :)


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